Spa, thermal baths, nature vacations: 10 things to do for the summer

They are expected all year round. He misses her like sweet water in the desert. It is full of expectations. It’s a summer vacation. It’s a short or long break from your daily routine to ‘recharge your battery’ and return to work and school, ready to face new challenges with full energy. Or at least that’s what advertisers and tour operators generally promise. However, it happens that long-awaited holidays are disappointing and stressful, and you come home more tired and nervous than before. A bit of “blame lies on the side”excess expectationsa little bit about that we don’t always choose the right vacation for us.

“After a big heist of work we have a tendency to break away drastically and sometimes we go from” too full “to” too empty “where we end up doing nothing,” he explains. Gianluca Castelnuovodirector of the department and clinical psychology laboratory of the Italian Auxological Institute and full professor of clinical psychology at the Catholic University of Milan.

“But relaxation is not automatic and you don’t always have to stop and do nothing, it’s important to create activities, even intensive ones, as long as they differ from work. It is an otium in the Latin sense, that is, activities that are not aimed at negotiation. Here because you should choose a vacation formula that suits your needsand why – especially in the family – you need to find mediation and carve out moments to satisfy your desires, whether it’s a hike to the top, a swim in the sea or a massage at a spa. So in the evening we will meet together and we will be able to share our experiences without accusing each other ”. So that’s the only way you can really enjoy your vacation.

The mountains always turn out to be the perfect direction

Today, in general, tourist centers try to present their clients with a diversified offer that can meet the different needs of families, couples or groups of friends, and the only question to be resolved is whether to opt for the sea, mountains, countryside or cities of art. After two years of a pandemic from which we cannot quite get out yet, the mountain turns out to be an ideal travel destination“Because this both provides a population density much lower than that in which we are used to a normal life, the so-called social distance, as well as the possibility of regaining the possession of nature in complete solitude, ”she specifies. Antonio Prestini, member of the Italian Hygiene Society and medical director for hygiene and public health at APSS Trento. Not forgetting the proven physical and psychological benefits, both for people with recognized conditions (from simple asthma to psychiatric problems that can be treated with specific therapies) and for healthy people who derive mental well-being in terms of stress and self-esteem.

“As long as it is respected, the mountain contains almost everything at no cost,” continues Prestini. “It also provides benefits to healthy adults and children who find relief from everyday worries and stress in the mountains, regain contact with nature, increase their self-esteem, as well as use the numerous spas located in the mountain areas.”

Are wellness vacation options plentiful?

And it is the thermal baths, together with spas and biological regeneration centers, that are the most popular destinations for those seeking a relaxing holiday. Which, according to the psychologist, “is fine for those who live all year round in an overly urbanized environment where they are also intoxicated with technology. From a genetic and cerebral point of view, human beings are still in the cave age: we are not doomed to stand still in front of a screen. This is evidenced by our body, which inevitably immediately benefits from returning to nature. That is why holidays in the bosom of nature or in artificial environments that recreate natural situations give you a real sense of well-being ».

There are many possibilities for wellness relaxation: from charming hotels where you can treat yourself to private wellness treatments in exclusive interiors and surrounded by enchanting natural landscapes (which Italy is very rich in), to nights in the woods where you can meditate under the stars, from yoga courses in vineyard or in the Alps, to thalassotherapy by the sea. Just choose the holiday model that suits you best. Here are some ideas.

Go back to breathing

One of the needs of those who go to the mountains – especially when they come from polluted cities full of smog – is to breathe again. And this is the promise he makes to his guests Alpin Royal Breathing Spa, in Valle Aurina in South Tyrol: get back to breathing. Intended for people suffering from asthma and allergies, who find a healthy environment and tailor-made cuisine here, the hotel offers packages dedicated to breathingwhich include allergen-tested accommodation, free medical consultations and entry to the Predoa climate speleotherapy center. Here you can also experience a special breath massage that relaxes the muscles, especially the back and chest muscles, to deepen the breath and oxygenate every cell of the body.

Slimming and detox

Those who combine the concept of vacation with the adjective detox (technological and food) can find its dimension in:Alphotel Stocker Campo Tures, where holidays become a true week of health. The South Tyrolean hotel offers, among others “Buchinger post 7 days detox and slimming” package: 7 nights with the Buchinger healing board, daily walks in the company of nature, meditation, Jin Shin Jiutzu anti-stress technique, yoga, aqua gym, stretching or coordination exercises, forest baths and the Kneipp path, as well as personalized massages, detoxifying infusions and Active Mountain Program. Because feeling good also comes through right movement.

Yoga on the Stubai Glacier

A unique location for yoga enthusiasts: the glacier. In fact, at 2,900 meters above sea level, at the Eisgrat mountain station, yoga seminar on the Stubai Glacier, one of the most fascinating places in the Austrian Alps. No prior knowledge of yoga is required to take part in this unique experience in breathtaking scenery. Only yoga mats, warm clothes, drinks, and sturdy shoes. The meeting is on July 17th.

Alpine day spa

Those who think that a whole week in a wellness center is too much can also choose the day spa. On the Paganella plateau, in Trentino, an alpine day spa Get to know of Andalo presents, in addition to all the classic spa proposals (from the Finnish sauna, through the Turkish bath, to the Kneipp path), also innovative climate sauna with hay. Moisturized than a Finnish sauna and warmer than a herbal sauna, it is characterized by the scent of dried hay that accompanies the mind through the meadows of Trentino while the body rests. The internal temperature is 50 ° C and the ambient humidity inside the space is 50%.

Night in a hammock in the forest

Forests are a natural pharmacy available to humans. Therefore, the association La grande via, in cooperation with the Casentinesi Forest National Park, launched the project Forest road: for one or more days (up to a maximum of three) you live and sleep among trees, testing the therapeutic effects of the forest and contact with nature under medical supervision, changing your diet to a healthier one, experiencing meditation in contact with the ground.

Asana in the vineyard

An original proposition that will be able to gather Tuscan lovers and followers of oriental disciplines: in Valdera you can practice yoga en plein air, immersed in nature. In Peccioli, in the province of Pisa, in the Serre area, an oasis of silence among the vineyards, olive trees, cypress trees in the Tuscan hills, yoga sessions are organized on Sundays alternately throughout the summer. The courses, promoted by the Commune of Peccioli and Belvedere SpA as part of the program of initiatives supporting the psychophysical balance of the inhabitants, are open (after booking) to everyone, even to tourists staying in one of the many farms and guesthouses with an area of ​​approx.
• Peccioli Commune – Joga na Serre ( – ​​whatsapp 3479746852 and 3458970154)

Glamping at the spa

The Dukes of Sussex also chose it for their honeymoon: glamping – camping glam – a perfect solution for those who want to immerse themselves in nature without losing charm and comfort. In Canino (Viterbo) you can experience on Terme di Vulci Glamping & Spa: here the tents are surrounded by olive trees a few steps from the four thermal baths, from the La Punta restaurant, where you can rediscover the antique tastes in an exquisite key, and from the Voltumna Spa, where the treatments have their roots in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It is worth noting that bamboo massagea special massage performed with bamboo sticks that move over the body with specific pressure and movements: relaxing, relaxing, remodeling and toning.

Thalassotherapy one step away from salt pans

The Phoenicians called it white gold. Today Seawater Hotel Marsala made salt the main ingredient of her Medical Spa, which is the basis of detoxification, anti-rheumatic and anti-cellulite programs; in a high salinity pool that reactivates blood and lymph circulation; in targeted cosmetic treatments such as exfoliating peels and rebalancing massages. All immersed in unspoiled natural territory. The hotel is situated at the extreme end of western Sicily, a stone’s throw from the WWF Oasis in Trapani, overlooking the Aegadian Islands.

Personalized treatments

Capri alone would be enough to ensure everyone’s well-being. But You are spaoverlooking the sea and the Gulf of Naples also adds the opportunity to preserve the benefits of a long stay on the island as all treatments are personalized for the individual guest. In addition to the exclusivity of the SPA, conceived as an oasis of privacy, everything – from used products to background music – is selected according to the needs of the client for whom the spa area is reserved (maximum of four people allowed to get to know each other are allowed. Best treatment: biopranic massagewhich aims to restore the psychophysical balance and which “guides” the holistic inspiration of the spa. For those looking for well-being and exclusivity.

Relax in a historic hotel with hot stones

In a historic hotel, recently completely renovated, a few kilometers from the center of Sorrento, Lepietre Cozy Spa offers programs for psychophysical well-being in an exclusive and reserved environment (maximum four people are allowed, but only if they know each other). The name, which derives from the tufa stones of the ancient foundations of the building in which it is embedded, is also associated with the treatment of the tip: Hare ritual, performed with warm sea stones, which combines the power of massage with the benefits of the sea, and in addition to relaxing the muscles, it smoothes the skin. Almost all of the proposed rituals are related to the Mediterranean Sea. And they guarantee a journey through the fragrances of Campania.

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