Summer 2022: we help you decide where to go on vacation

From the cities of art to the sea, from boats to railways; from Italy to Australia: here are many ideas from which you can get inspiration to decide where to go on vacation

In the summer of 2022, we are back on the road (almost) everywhere after two years of restriction. And the question where to go on vacation resumes (eventually) a more possible flavor.

Precisely because it is easy to pamper the choice, here are some holiday ideas: if you want to stay in Italy, choose ProcidaThis year’s Italian Capital of Culture, i.e. relaxation in Tuscany. Start in Florence, but then move on to your liking.

Alternatively, hop on a train at Domodossola to get to Swissbetween breathtaking views and slow tourism. Or, pack a backpack and fly in the Netherlands: the perfect country for interrail.

Otherwise, you can try one a cruise, but on the riverthanks to which you will discover European capitals and less known cities: this is the perfect vacation if you don’t like crowded places.

Finally, if you miss long journeys and distant destinations, decide on a trip in Californiawho never gets tired, or on the way Coral Bay in Western Australia: a direct flight from Italy is now arriving.

Where to go on vacation? Here are some ideas

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Where to go on vacation in Italy

Tuscany, between art and relaxation

For those who prefer to stay in Italy and are looking for the perfect destination for alternative culture, relaxation, nature excursions and good food, this is Tuscany. You start, of course, from Florence: sleep in the new 25 hours, discover the Uffizi, eat the “All’Antico Vinaio” schiacciata, then go for a few days to relax: Maremma it is the perfect solution to combine good food and the sea.

For example, in Family Camping Village – Club del Sole in Orbetello you can sleep in chalets, bungalows and even in luxury caravan: walking distance to everything from the beach. You can also take a catamaran or sailboat (you can rent them from Click & Boat) to discover islands of the Tuscan archipelago: Elba Island, Giglio, Giannutri, Montecristo, Pianosa, Capraia. You are spoiled for choice.


Procida, Italy’s Capital of Culture 2022

This is the perfect opportunity to discover this small but colorful island in front of Naples. Among the experiences to do are boat trips, visits to the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo and Palazzo D’Avalos which used to be a palace and a prison, followed by submarine tours, walking tour around Marina Corricellasnorkeling.

The days continue to watch the sunset from the Belvedere dei Cannoni, aperitifs and walks in the Marina Grande, the port of Procida, and its nerve center.

Funny fact: the hotel had a Voiello set with a limited package of raw penne (and recipes signed by Procida chef Marco Ambrosino) and frame for framing and photographing landscapes breathtaking of this island.

Oberhofen, Lake Thun, Switzerland

Where to go on vacation in Europe

From Domodossola to Bern with Trenino Verde delle Alpi

Perfect for people with children, but also for those who love nature and prefer traveling with full respect for the environment. Trenino Verde delle Alpi departs from the Domodossola along The Simplon and Lötschberg lines are over a hundred years old in the heart of Switzerland and climbs mountains with panoramic views through large windows onto the sunny terraces of Wallis and the Bernese Oberland mountains from Kandersteg.

Arriving on the northern side of the Alps, the descent towards Lake Thun (beautiful to discover by boat) begins and arrives Bernthe federal capital of Switzerland with the old town entered on the UNESCO list.

Avalon waterways

On a cruise … but on the river

Organized by Avalon Waterways, a river cruise company founded in 2004. Compared to sea cruises they have a more intimate dimension. The ships only have cabins outside, with panoramic windows that turn the room into balconies.

Lunch and dinner with drinks included, fitness room, Sky Bridge with sun beds and jacuzzi.

Destinations in Europe? Various, from the romantic Rhine to the charming Danube.

Places like Nuremberg, Budapest, Basel, Strasbourg, Colmar, Vienna, Amsterdam and many others are touched.


Interrail in the Netherlands

Magic Amsterdam, little Utrecht and then modern Rotterdam. The Netherlands is the perfect country to discover tourist: Trains are comfortable and fast, and you can get from one part of the country to the other fairly quickly.

Moreover, it offers many solutions at affordable prices as well new and well-kept hostels. If you love cycling, include the cycling part in your itinerary.

palm springs

Where to go on vacation in the world

California tour

A classic that never gets old: the California tour. Depart Los Angeles, drive through Orange County and Palm Springs, discover the beauty Joshua Tree National Park and also stop at the Mojave National Reserve (you can wander from here for a crazy night in Las Vegas, which is Nevada if you want), then continue to Death valley and visit the magnificent Sequoia National Park, followed by the picturesque Yosemite National Park.

At this point, depending on the days available, you can choose whether to go to Lake Tahoe and stop in Sacramento or go directly to San Francisco. From here you leave for Italy. To do this tour, take yourselves at least 15 days.

Laguna Hutt, Australia

Western Australia (thanks to a direct flight from Italy)

This side of Australia is closer thanks to the Qantas flight, which leaves Rome from June 23 to October 6 and arrives directly in Perth, no stopoversin 15 hours and 45 minutes.

From there, you can reach various places such as Coral Coast: spend ten days here and enjoy mild temperatures, usually between 20 and 25 degrees, drive past Geraldton – deviating fromHutt Lagoon which is pink -then to Kalbarri National Park and finally to Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef which are both UNESCO heritage.

From Coral Bay or Exmouth you can go on an unforgettable trip that includes swimming with the majestic whale sharks or humpback whalesdepending on the period, or throughout the year, sightings of manta rays, dolphins and sea turtles.

(Photo: Unsplash; Avalon Waterways)

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