The chef from Montlucon (Allier) has received two Michelin stars at his restaurant in Dubai.

Renaud Dutel grew up in a family of Bourbon farmers. The work on the land and the products of the garden shook his childhood. “My father cooks a lot, makes jars, cooks our poultry…” A childhood spent surrounded by good foods that gave a strong flavor to the passion of the young Montluconnet.

But all the bourbonnets that once ate a tomato from the garden did not get two stars like Reno. “The cooking was thought out for me. I didn’t hesitate. »

Internship in a restaurant in Saint-Victor

At the age of 16, Renaud Dutel entered the Saint Vincent high school in Montlucon (Allier) to take a culinary exam. During his internship with Chef Larose at the Jardin Délice in Saint-Victor, his motivation only increased. “He made me want to move from school to apprenticeship. He always had words to guide me. After a four-month trip to Ireland, where the young chef was able to improve his English, Renaud Dutel entered the Interprofessional Institute (Ifi) in Moulins. There he received a professional bachelor’s degree, always accompanied by Benoît Larose.

I met people who guided me. Benoît Larose gave me good advice… which I always follow!

In 2011, he received an award for his achievements. Then he takes the knives and pans to Cannes or Avignon to keep track of the seasons for two years. “It gives a different vision of the profession. It is very stressful in terms of work, but also humanly. By working like this, it allows you to create links, ”supports the young chef.

With Alain Ducasse

By virtue of his first impressions, he joined the team of the famous Alain Ducasse in Monaco for two years. But Renault Dutel is on the move. In 2015, at the age of 23, he left the three-star Louis XV restaurant for Switzerland. Until 2017, he continued to sharpen knives at the Le Roc restaurant. “There I learned a different cuisine. Banquets, catering, Asian dinners… It was very instructive! To close the loop, the chef returns to Monaco to find Alain Ducasse for a year.

twist of fate

It was at this moment that fate presented Renault Dutel with an unusual opportunity. He was offered a position as sous chef at a restaurant created by three-star chef Yannick Alléno… in one of Dubai’s most prestigious hotels.The young chef loves to share French know-how with his team, who come from all over the world.

Hesitant at first, his partner, a chef, convinced him to take the plunge in March 2018. “It was she who pushed me, she told me: “But yes, it will be great, go for it!” he smiles. In March, he drove over 5,000 kilometers. “I developed fast enough to become a foreman. Today I have a team of seven people. »

The cooking was thought out for me. I didn’t hesitate.

Russian, Greek, Indian, Sri Lankan… His teammates bring a lot of openness to him. “I am the only French. This allows cultural mixing between us, but also for the cuisine. It’s really cool to bring French know-how. They are very good cooks, but not everyone had the opportunity to hone their skills like I did. »

AT stay, this restaurant is located in a five-star hotel, the kitchen team is not the only cosmopolitan one. “We have clients who come from all over the world. Sufficiently wealthy people who know the gastronomy of different cultures! »

Rewarded work

In June 2022, for the first edition of the Michelin Guide in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Renaud Dutel and his team were awarded two stars at once. “This is a real recognition of our work! This allows us to see that we are heading in the right direction,” the young chef rejoices.

A double decoration that satisfies Reno’s desires. If France occasionally misses the 30-year-old who only returns once a year, he will be reluctant to leave Dubai. “We have a lot of prejudices about the Emirates. When you live here, you meet ordinary people who are eager to help their country develop. »

premium A former chef at a restaurant, she now holds workshops at her home in Montlucon (Allier).

The young leader remains humble. “I met people who guided me. Benoît Larose gave me good advice… which I always follow! When asked if he dreams of a third star, Renaud Dutel smiles. Most of all he wants to cook again and again.

Delfina Simono

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