The honest merchant is with the martyrs – NİHAT HATİPOĞLU

The Quran says that it is not satisfied with cheaters. in the Quran “Sura Mutaffin” take care of it. The fact that the Quran is not satisfied means that the Lord Almighty is not satisfied either. The Qur’an, the cheater who cheats by measuring and weighing, playing with scales, making false calculations, “Mutafin” it says. People who measure when they buy something from people but measure poorly when they give something away, who cheat, who are petty “mutative” it was said. Sura Mutaffifin should be read more carefully. See how the Quran describes the false merchant:
“Allah, the Most Merciful and Merciful By the name!
Woe to those who cheat in measure and weight. in!
They measure (something) of people when they take it, they measure it exactly.
But they themselves measure something for them. or lack of time when they weigh they measure.
They have a great day; people, that they will stand before the Lord of the worlds they don’t think they will be resurrected for the day right?” (Mutafifin/1-6)

Let’s not mess with haram
True, honest and trustworthy merchant, Hz. He will be with the Prophet. True, honest, and trustworthy merchants are with the prophets, the righteous, and the martyrs. All these Mr. These are the words of the Prophet. The honest and trustworthy merchant was commended by our Prophet. Likewise, the merchant who made false trades was reprimanded.
Let’s be careful with our trade. Let’s not engage in haram. Do not hesitate; A person who enters into the law of people and deceives them in their relationships cannot find health in both worlds.
There are many businessmen in society who are honest. Most are like that. But unfortunately, on the contrary, not a few people have indexed their craft to deceive people. Aren’t there people who produce fraudulent goods, serve expired goods and deceive the customer by doubling the bill of the person who eats at the restaurant with a pen? Does anyone resort to simple tricks to damage your confidence? Aren’t there people who act according to the client’s situation and do not observe honesty and equal treatment? So, do you need all these simple tricks and methods? However, as confidence increases, so does commerce. The goods will pay. Everyone gets their share of the growing volume of trade.

These must be noted
The merchant must be clear and unambiguous. He should not receive more than the goods or money he deserves. He must not hide the lack of goods. He must do work open and visible, not covertly. The product to be sold must be the product that the buyer likes. He must present the promised goods or money. He must not raise the price of the good or product where he is. It must not be on any account against the consumer. He must be careful with halal and haram. There is no one who is prosperous with haram goods.
Haram gains definitely do damage from somewhere. Especially, a good that has the right to use it will certainly harm the person who consumes it.

It’s important to be trustworthy
One of the basic conditions of Islam is to be trustworthy. Honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, earning halal, being conscientious and avoiding cheating are worthless if they are not reflected throughout a believer’s life. If we are not sincere in these matters, neither our Islam nor our piety means anything.


Huzeyfe b. It was narrated from Yeman (RA): “The Messenger of Allah told us two hadiths. I saw one of them come true. I am waiting for the other. He told us: ‘Certainly, trust took root deep in people’s hearts.’ the Quran was sent. People learned trust from the Quran and Sunnah,” he said.
Then the Messenger of Allah (SAV) told us about the removal of trust: ‘A person sleeps once, and trust is taken from his heart, leaving a vague trace of it. Then he sleeps again and is entrusted to his heart again; this time, a trail remains like the trail left by the woods that you rolled at your feet. You see it swollen with nothing inside.
Then the Messenger of Allah (SAV) picked up pebbles and rolled them at his feet. He continued his words as follows: ‘As a result, people become such that when people buy, there is hardly anyone left to fulfill the trust. It is even said: ‘There was a sure man among the sons of so-and-so.’ It is said of another person: ‘How brave, how elegant, what an intelligent person’. However, there is no faith in your heart as much as a mustard seed.’
Surely, at one time, I didn’t care which of you I went shopping with. Because if the person I was shopping with was a Muslim, his religion would guide him to give me what he deserved. If he were a Christian or a Jew, his governor would urge him to give me what he deserved. But today I only shop with a few of you.”

The main reason for many of our spiritual and moral ills is our estrangement from the Qur’an. It is our departure from the morality, message and customs of the Qur’an. How many of our people who pick up a cell phone and access any website are looking at a sura or a verse? Islam, Quran and Hz. How much of our lives does the Prophet address? Or rather, how many of us hear it? Hz. While the Prophet (SAV) is telling what will be erased from the ummah’s memory, he says that knowledge of the Qur’an will be taken from us.
The Companions ask, “We teach the Quran to our families and our children. We read it. We are busy with the Quran. How can it be taken from us?”
The Prophet replied, “Members of other religions have their books, but how much do they do what is necessary?”
Our situation today is similar to this. We do not correct our lives according to the Qur’an. We see what works for us, we don’t see what doesn’t.

Our sins negatively affect our lives and our future, both in this world and in the future. However, one should not forget that; The legitimate fulfillment of justice is at issue not in this world, but in the next. The manifestations in the world can be seen in a partial sense. But of course the main court will be established in the future. The reflections of our sins in the world are explained by the Qur’an as follows: “Due to what people did with their own hands, corruption and corruption broke out on land and in the sea. Finally, Allah made them taste the punishment of some of their faults and sins. They are expected to return” (Rum/Rum). 41). Global decay, destruction, opportunism, failure to respond to the plight of the oppressed and similar social sins bring with them torment and negativity on a global basis.
I accidentally crushed a dog. do i have sin?
Although you act by the rules while driving, if you suddenly run over an animal that comes in front of you, you will not be responsible unless you were intentional and negligent. After all, this is an accident. And animals sometimes show reflexes all of a sudden. As long as you’re driving, you’re helpless. If such an event occurred, still regret it. And give alms to the poor of your heart. Thus, you will be more comfortable in awareness.
The sequence is required for ghusl that’s it?
It is important to make the intention in the ghusl, wash the whole body and bring water to the mouth and nose. It is not necessary to observe the order in these. However, it would be correct to state your intention at the beginning of the bath.
my father made me my uncle forcing her to marry his son. It is true?
Both parents can recommend, or even encourage, a suitable candidate for their child. This should not go beyond advice. A convincing position is wrong here. Hz. The Prophet (SAV) prevented forced marriages. We should also think about the peace and happiness of our children. Otherwise, we will make our child unhappy with our own hands.

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