The question of merit and license of nominees

“When was the period when the AK Party paid attention to the maximum level of merit and competence in its appointments to the government and state bureaucracy? When did AK Party put together its best team?

A friend of mine who played a very important role in the judicial community asked this question.

He knew the answer.

I thought it was the first 5 years too, but his answer surprised me:

“It was the era of Ahmet Necdet Sezer.”


During the AK Party period, President Sezer took a very strict stance against government actions.

As Chief Adviser to the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Bülent Arınç, who was the Acting President at the time, I was witnessing many events.

However, until that day, I never thought that this word of my friend, who is a member of the judiciary, could be true.

In those days, it was not possible to appoint a person without Sezer’s signature, since appointments of ministers and senior bureaucrats were made by triple decree.

That’s why Prime Minister Erdogan was very careful and meticulous in naming a seat.

This attention has really led to the appointment of the best equipped, qualified and competent people in Turkey to the state bureaucracy.

I understood this fact better later.


In my opinion, the founding team of the AK Party, the bureaucratic team that prepared the reforms and innovations in Ankara for the first five years, consisted of the most distinguished names in Turkey.

Erdogan has been blessed with a strong, well-equipped, experienced and talented team that will not be bestowed on anyone.

All the wealth and human resources that the religious community, years away from power, accumulated over decades, almost flowed into the AK Party and tremendous energy emerged.

When Istanbul bureaucrats who gained experience in the municipality met with well-trained bureaucrats in Ankara and were excluded in the period from 28 February; Turkey has progressed in democratization enough to start EU negotiations.

Many of Turkey’s taboo issues, frozen issues and structural issues have been resolved by this team.

This team was reformist, innovative, libertarian, and pro-change.

Because the team itself were marginalized people who had suffered from it for many years.

These past period pains were the basis of their desire to resolve the problems they experienced.


President Sezer’s opposition, media opposition, and the judiciary’s constant monitoring to find the slightest breach of the rules were, in fact, the reasons that kept the AK party alive and meticulously affected it in every office and appointment.

When all these points of resistance were removed, the thesis that the AK Party would work better, produce better jobs, and bring more qualified and competent people to work was not true when we looked at the result.

Balance, control, separation of powers and responsibility are actually factors that increase overall quality, and we understand that better today.


If you look at the list of cabinet ministers of the AK Party governments in the early years, and their names in the upper bureaucracy, you will see that they are all worthy people who deserve their positions and have merit and competence.

To deny this fact is against the very history of the AK Party.

Because at every opportunity, the AK Party prided itself on the high qualifications of these cadres.

Turkey has heard these words a lot from Erdogan himself.

The departure of the people who were appointed at that time, who walked the common path, from the current AK Party line does not make these people suddenly unqualified and incapable.

Like Erdogan and his friends, who left the Virtue Party and founded the AK Party, he just shows his preference for going the different way.


Of course, President Erdogan’s remarks about Ahmet Davutoğlu and Ali Babacan opened this discussion.

“They didn’t get to these positions because they were worthy of them. They were taken to these positions. If they were given the ministry, if they were given the post of prime minister, a will gave them those positions. They didn’t appreciate it.”

To be honest, this is a definition that will upset and upset not only these two names, but all the ministers and administrators, past and present, who have been appointed with them.

If everyone who has been appointed suddenly turns into a person without merit and competence when he leaves this position, resigns, takes a different path, then there are serious problems here.

On the other hand, Davutoğlu, Babacan are people who are known in the world in the field of economics and are among the distinguished names with their experience and knowledge.

You may be a rival in politics, but it would be unfair to ignore these people’s personalities, careers, and contributions to the country.

As elections approach, information pollution, ugly events, conspiracies, slander and false lies increase.

Unfortunately, this pollution will increase even more in the lead up to the elections.

After Sedat Peker’s video broadcasts, the atmosphere was very mixed. Now, fake accounts opened in her name, fictitious explanations added to the confusion in the environment.

Levent Göktaş, wanted on multiple criminal charges, tried to use similar methods. Then he was told that the account he opened was fake, he said no, Peker had it closed…

You see, the pollution is extreme.

There is also the case of Sezgin Baran Korkmaz (SBK).

It was claimed that SBK, who was imprisoned in the US, had a list of people who bribed and had dirty dealings.

Then the lists began to circulate, claiming they were names in the media. It’s a complete shame.

Some of them are senior executives and journalists in our group.

The statements were made one after the other.

They didn’t see SBK, they didn’t talk, they didn’t have any contact…

Come correct these dirty and ugly slanders in such an environment.

They also want to take the people who made this slander to court, but there is no one around.

It’s very immoral and disgusting.

As someone who was met with various slurs during the peak days of the FETO fight, I understand my friends very well.

Solidarity with them is necessary for the establishment of justice and equity in the country.

Don’t believe everything you hear.

A journalist, content producer or social media user should not publish every list that comes before them and should not see all the information correctly.

Don’t be a part of this dirty fight, dirty environment.

One day, similar slanders may happen to you.

So, if you want to see people who will defend you on your side, put your stance on the side of justice starting today.

And we come back to the crucial question for all of us:

What a vital function is a well-functioning justice system, a mechanism of justice to protect the rights of all.

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