The value ratio on home loans has changed: who will be affected and how?

According to BRSA’s new decision, it will be possible to use loans of up to 90 percent of the value for some first- and second-hand home purchases. So, does this open the way for the citizen to have a home? Experts told with all the details.

The value ratio on home loans has changed: who will be affected and how?

The new decision of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) on housing credit revealed yesterday once again the extreme level of credit installments.

With the new regulation, it is stated that the way for citizens who want to buy second-hand housing below TL 500,000 in Anatolia to become homeowners by taking out a loan is open, but it is stated that it is no longer advantageous to buy a home with a loan in metropolitan areas.

In addition, the new application prioritizes energy class A homes, but it has been stated that most new homes on the market are class C, so there is a limited number of homes to borrow.

According to some experts, the new regulation will push those who want to take advantage of the loan even though they don’t need a loan and who own more than one house, this time out of demand.


According to the BRSA decision published yesterday:

• At the rate of 90 percent for first-hand homes with energy class A and value of less than 2 million TL,

• 70 percent for homes worth between 2 million TL and 5 million TL,

• Allowed the use of a maximum of TL 3.5 million for housing loans with a value between TL 5 million and TL 10 million.

• Value of credit for second-hand housing with energy class A; 90 percent for homes with a home value of less than TL 500,000,

• 70 percent for second-hand homes with a house value between TL 500,000 and TL 2 million,

• Provision of 50 percent loan for homes with a home value between TL 2 million and TL 5 million, and a maximum of TL 2.5 million for homes with a home value between TL 5 million and TL 10 million TL


However, the average price of homes for sale across the country exceeds TL 1 million, even according to official data. Even if the citizen provides 90 percent of the home value of loans, the monthly loan installments can exceed 22,000 TL.

In metropolises, the cost of using a 90 percent housing loan for a house worth TL 2 million is TL 25,000 per month in public banks, while monthly installments start at TL 40,000 in private banks. .

In some banks, this amount reaches 52 thousand TL, and the total cost of buying a 2 million TL house with a term of 120 months can exceed 6 million TL.


Speaking to, real estate consultant Burçak Sencer Çokgör said: “There is no benefit in extending 90% of a 2 million lira house. Because there is no group that can pay these installments,” he said.

Saying: “To be able to pay at least 25 thousand TL per month, the monthly income must be at least 50-60 thousand TL”, Çokgör said: “There is only one God who can help the middle pillar and the lowest group. They live on the poverty line, maybe not even that level. Therefore, it is not correct to say that ‘the following was done to provide citizens with their lordships’.


According to information provided by real estate economist Ahmet Büyükduman to, 66-67 percent of houses in Turkey are below TL 2 million, but with the effect of monthly loan installments, people can increase the home value for an average of 50 percent can use the credit.

Noting that some citizens can only borrow 20% of their home, Büyükduman said: “There are very few people who borrow up to 90% of the home’s value. In the last quarter of 2021, loans were extended to 113,000 people in Turkey. The loan amount per person is 285 thousand TL. At that time, average housing prices were TL 585,000. In other words, people in Turkey use loans, but only 50% of homes purchased can use loans on average.”

Büyükduman said, “While the latest regulation will have an impact on the market, it will be at a marginal level,” said Büyükduman, “it is not a regulation that will make a significant change.”


Property Appraiser Celal Erdoğdu, in his review to, noted that with the loan installments brought about by the new regulation, it is no longer advantageous to buy a new home using loans in metropolitan cities.

However, Erdoğdu explained that with the new regulation, opportunities are offered to citizens of Anatolia who want to buy used housing.

Recalling that after the BRSA decision yesterday, 90% of used homes worth less than TL 500,000 will be provided, Erdoğdu said: “This is like a lottery for people. However, the number of households below 500,000 LT has a very low rate with 5.5 percent of total households. Therefore, the collection effect will be low”, he said.


Erdoğdu also recalled that the new BRSA regulation prioritizes houses with energy class A and stated that according to the information he obtained in the field, most new houses on the market are class C.

Erdoğdu said: “To be class A, it must be able to generate electricity from solar energy and use solar energy for heating and cooling the building,” Erdoğdu said.


Erdoğdu also recalled that there is a problem with having more than one house, mostly from the same people, of the low interest loans granted so far and said:

“With the latest regulation, I think they are trying to prevent people who do not need this loan from using home loans. These people were pushed out of demand. Those who had money, those who didn’t need it, but those who wanted to invest benefited from the loan. Now we see that being limited.”

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