They even climb straight walls| Scorpio season has arrived… What to do if it hurts? Here are the known bugs!


When reading the news of people who have lost their lives as a result of scorpion stings, one cannot help but be concerned that it will also hurt us.

Specialists especially Children under 6 and people over 65 with chronic diseases He states that scorpion sting deaths are more common in children under the age of 6, unfortunately.

• So why do cases increase in the summer?

• Why do they bite people?

• Is every scorpion sting dangerous?

• Does it climb up the flat wall and enter the upper floors?

• Can you enter through blue painted doors and windows?

Manisa Celal Bayar University (MCBU) Alaşehir Vocational School Professor Prof. Dr. Ersen Aydın Yağmur and emergency service doctor Dr. Emir Hüseyin Ağar answers all our questions.



professor Dr. Ersen Aydin Yagmur, First, he claims that scorpions have variable body temperatures, that is, they are cold-blooded, and these characteristics make them more active in hot weather. RainHe claims that watering people’s homes or gardens can cause some scorpions to come to places where people live.

He added that as some insects come to light, scorpions may come to hunt them. RainBecause of this, he claims that people encounter scorpions more often in the summer months and claims that they give out more venom when they are hot, hungry, or threatened.

Rainstates that scorpions sting people for defensive purposes because they think they are their predators, or when people accidentally step on them or similar situations, but not every scorpion sting is dangerous: “Some of them have weak poisons and are only dangerous for people with allergies. Some species also have moderately potent venom and can be fatal to children.”

Noting that children under 6 and people over 65 with chronic diseases are in the risk group. Dr. Emir Huseyin Agarstates that scorpion venom stimulates both the sympathetic nervous system, which makes the body work faster, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows it down, so patients can present very different clinical conditions when they arrive at the hospital.



Dr. Ersen Aydin YagmurWhen we asked if scorpions can enter houses through doors or windows in big cities, we get the answer ‘yes’. “Houses can be plastered for protection against scorpions, stones can be collected around the house, mosquito nets can be attached to houses, regular spraying and ultraviolet light control can be done” who says Rainadds that mosquito nets can have a protective effect, but as some species multiply and spread in basements or roofs of houses, mosquito nets do not work either.


In short, there is a danger of scorpion sting on high floors.

Yağmur says scorpions cannot climb glass, but they can climb flat walls, so they can be found on the upper floors of houses, but adds that the original items are difficult to find as their tightrope walking ability is weak.


There are 45 species of scorpions in Turkey, and the largest number of species is found in the southeastern region. All 3 deadly scorpion species that spread in Turkey are in the southeastern region.

professor Dr. Ersen Aydin Yagmur

Graphic: Harun Elibol


We know that blue painted doors and windows are widely used in the Mediterranean, Aegean, Central Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia, especially in rural settlements. Scorpions see the color blue as red and perceive it as an enemy. And because of this, it is believed that they cannot enter houses through doors and windows painted in blue. So is there any scientific basis for this?

They even climb straight walls|  Scorpio season is here... What to do if it hurts Here are some well-known misconceptions

Rain, He claims that scorpions roam in the dark, so it is difficult for them to perceive colors, and they are also colorblind. That’s why he says the belief that blue keeps scorpions away is not true. The rain saying “Houses whose moldings are painted blue form a rough surface for whitewash whitewash, probably because it disturbs the crest organ of scorpions, so scorpions cannot walk on whitewashed walls”, and that scorpions do not pass over goat hair rugs for a similar reason. He claims that some people put goat hair rugs on door sills.


Scorpion serum is obtained from horse blood.

Is scorpion serum available in all healthcare institutions? Does timely administration of this serum prevent possible death?

Stating that scorpion serum is not available in all health institutions because it is produced in limited quantities and deteriorates quickly, Ağar further stated that it is not necessary to be present in health institutions in regions where scorpion stings are rare or where there is no dangerous scorpion species. he claims that it will not have a high effect on a species’ bite or that the serum itself may pose a risk in causing an allergic reaction.

Scorpion serum is produced by the method of injecting scorpion venom into horses to produce antibodies and obtain serum by taking the horse’s blood and precipitating the cells.

professor Dr. Ersen Aydin Yagmur

agarstates that scorpion serum is a treatment tool that strengthens the hands of doctors in the emergency room, but it must be administered to the patient at the proper stage and at the proper time. Stating that scorpion serum is not the only drug used in the treatment, Ağar also highlights that vaccination against tetanus is mandatory, as scorpion stings also carry the risk of tetanus.


The National Poison Information Center is the center that provides 24-hour assistance to the public and health professionals in cases of poisoning in the most diverse ranges, from therapeutic medicines, pesticides, pesticides, fungi and various intoxications of plants to bites and stings of venomous animals. Center, which also provides antidote/antitoxin needs in intoxication, can be reached from anywhere in Turkey by calling 114 to receive consulting services when needed.

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Stating that the effect of the poison will change according to the type of scorpion, Rain, He adds that some larger scorpions can give more venom, which causes the lethality level to increase even though the venom is less effective. Rain, “Scorpions don’t bite, they inject venom. In other words, they sting with expression among people. In some cases, scorpions can sting more than once, or they can slowly release venom.” In his words, he emphasizes that scorpions can give more venom in some cases, and this can change the situation of the case.

Rain, He also claims that scorpions can resist short-term shortness of breath by closing their respiratory openings, so they can protect themselves from drugs, and because their exoskeleton is thick, they are resistant to even very effective drugs.

They even climb straight walls|  Scorpio season is here... What to do if it hurts Here are some well-known misconceptions

Graphic: Harun Elibol

What are the wrong practices in scorpion sting?

Emergency Doctor Dr. Emir Huseyin Agar, One of the biggest mistakes made is that the scorpion is usually small in size and cannot be seen after the sting. Consider a snakebite, not a scorpion bite He says yes and lists the mistakes made in this regard.

If a scorpion has stung you or someone in the house, don’t think that the first insect you see has bitten you. Ask if there is anything bigger and more dangerous at home and go to the health facility without wasting time. Don’t waste time looking for the scorpion and the insect and go immediately to the health institution. Because in a hurry, a scorpion can sting a second time.

• Attempt to absorb the wound and expel the poison. In that case, the poison will also affect that person through a wound or crack in the mouth of the person who sucked the wound, and it will be related to the event. number of injured goes from 1 to 2. This operation should never be done.

not exceed 15 minutes Ice should be applied to the place where the scorpion stings, more than that period will bring harm, not benefit.

• The place where the scorpion was stung must never be cut, pierced or touched with a sharp tool. This increases the risk of infection and does nothing but increase the effect of the venom on the body, spreading the venom rapidly into the general bloodstream.

• Tourniquets are not applied to these areas for bites on limbs such as arms and legs. For a long time, unnecessary tourniquet application will cause much more damage to the body than scorpion venom.

• Touching the scorpion’s stinger while heating a metallic object is a kind of wound cauterization. This action has no other benefit than causing infection and harming the body, increasing the effects of the scorpion’s venom. It absolutely shouldn’t be done.

• There is no benefit in applying substances such as herbs, toothpaste, olive oil to the wound.

• A person stung by a scorpion should be taken to the hospital immediately. Approaches like “It doesn’t matter, nothing will happen” “Take the pain reliever and it will go away” “You will be nothing when you apply this cream” will do nothing but harm the patient, let alone benefit.

They even climb straight walls|  Scorpio season is here... What to do if it hurts Here are some well-known misconceptions

In the KUTU emergency room, patient complaints are classified into 4 groups in order to provide the proper treatment to the proper patient and not cause bad situations: Stage 1: Redness, swelling and pain in the skin just where the scorpion stings. The patient’s pain increases even more when we lightly tap the wound. Stage 2: Pain and numbness in other parts of the body besides the sting site. Stage 3: More severe symptoms such as involuntary movements in the muscles of the body, blurred vision, headache, slurred speech, blurred consciousness, high fever due to increased distribution of the poison in the body. Stage 4: The occurrence of serious life-threatening conditions such as inflammation of the venom affecting the heart muscle, heart attack, accumulation of fluid in the lungs, seizures.

Dr. Emir Huseyin Agar

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