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Journalist and writer from Denizli, Serkan Urgancı, said his book “Journey to Mary Ephesus” has been scripted and they are in talks with major Hollywood production companies. Urgancı said: “We will recommend Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ for the role of the apostle Yuhanna.” The journey of the Virgin Mary to Ephesus by escaping from Jerusalem with the apostle Yuhanna was written for the first time. Journalist-writer Serkan Urgancı, in his book Mary’s Journey to Ephesus, described the Virgin Mary’s journey through Anatolia in epic language. Urgancı shared his book with the public, saying: “The journey of the Virgin Mary to Ephesus by escaping from Jerusalem; It is very important both religiously and historically. According to historical and religious sources, Virgin Mary, Hz. Shortly after Jesus’ crucifixion in Jerusalem, he could no longer handle the pressure of the Jews and Roman administration in the region and set out on a journey with the apostle John to the rims of Mount Bulbul near Ephesus. At the end of her journey, the Virgin Mary reaches the House of the Virgin Mary, which is accepted by the whole world as the home where she lives. I wrote this journey in epic language. I also find it extremely interesting that such an important event has not been written before.”
Urgancı stated that he researched for three years before writing the book, saying: “This journey contains extremely sensitive historical and religious information. Before writing the book, I studied in detail the sacred books that cover Anatolia, ancient roads, Roman history and the Virgin Mary, before writing the book, because I knew that a small mistake could cause major criticism. Also the interesting information I found during my research, I transferred to the story. When readers read the book, the journey of two women two thousand years apart, the deep historical wealth of Anatolia, Tarsus as the megacity of the ancient world, the tribes Isaura and Homonad, whose names are almost unheard of today, how the Roman Empire influenced world history, how the seas influenced world history Book “Mary Ephesus” ‘e Journey’ opened to the world
The author stated that the book was translated and opened to the world after it was published in Turkey, saying: “The story of Mary’s journey to Ephesus concerns the whole world from a historical and religious point of view. Therefore, after the book was published in Turkey, we completed the English translation with a professional team, including Americans, without wasting time. Mary’s Journey to Ephesus is currently published in 128 countries under the name “Mary Journey To Ephesus” through the world’s largest booksellers Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books and Kobo. I would like to point out that the international publisher of the book is Amazon Kindle. Likewise, Amazon Kindle publishing conditions are extremely challenging. In addition, readers can consult the Turkish version for free at “Anatolia is a paradise for devout Christians.”
Urgancı said that Turkey is richer than any other country in the world in terms of faith tourism: “In Selcuk, the home of the Virgin Mary, the Gospel of John, one of the 4 canonical Gospels, was written. bible, are located in the Aegean region.St. Paul, known as the person who brought Europe to Christianity, lived in Tarsus, the tomb of the apostle Philip, for whom a church was built, is located in Pamukkale. only one of these earn more than all of our faith tourism revenues. Urgancı in his statement gave examples from several countries, saying: “A basilica was built in Guadalupe, Mexico in 1709 on the grounds that the Virgin Mary was worshiped four times saint appeared. As the number of tourists visiting here increased, they built a much larger basilica next to it in 1974. Today, the annual number of visitors to the Basilica of Guadalupe exceeds 20 million. Although the Vatican has accepted that the house where the Virgin Mary lived is located in Selçuk, the number of visitors here does not exceed 600 thousand. Likewise, Ephesus, one of the largest ancient cities in the world, is located right next to the home of the Virgin Mary. It is clear that we have not taken the necessary steps to promote these values ​​at our disposal,” he said. The script of the book is being written.
Underlining that Maria’s trip to Ephesus is part of a major promotional project, Urgancı said: “We know that the easiest way to explain the religious and cultural tourism values ​​of Turkey to the world is through the screen. Although I am the author of the book appear to be, we are working with a large team on this project. The story of Mary’s Journey to Ephesus is being scripted by a professional team for TV series platforms and Hollywood. Through agencies we are in talks with major production companies. I hope that this story will soon come out as a series or movie and our country will be able to get the share it deserves from faith/cultural tourism.All our efforts are in that direction.” “I will recommend Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ for the role of Yuhanna”
Urgancı said they would recommend famous actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ for the role of Yuhanna during the production phase, saying: “Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ was always on my mind for the role of Yuhanna, both during the writing process of the book and during the script phase. Who wouldn’t want a successful and popular Turkish actor to participate in a big production that will have an impact on the world? At the stage of the agreement, shooting most of the film in Turkey will also be one of our conditions.”

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