This week in culture and art (24 June – 30 June): Our choice for you

Curated by: Edanur Tanış & Tuğbanur Toprak

Medyascope We’ve rounded up the films and plays you can see this week, the exhibitions you can visit and the developments in the world of culture and art. Have fun in advance.

Director and screenwriter Ceylan Özgün Özçelik’s second film in the Witches’ Trilogy, “15+”, tells of the physical and psychological violence women are subjected to during their marriage. In the documentary, two women talk about their experiences from prisons.

The film, which will meet the public only on the MUBI platform, will be screened in MUBI Turkey from June 25. The trailer for the film can be found here.

  • New trailer for This Much I Know to Be True

A new trailer has been released for the documentary “This Much I Know to Be True”, which focuses on the lives, friendship and post-pandemic lives of musicians Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. In the trailer we listen to Nick Cave talking about his sculptures.

Turkey premiere as part of İKSV Galas The film can be seen from July 8 at MUBI Turkey in 4K quality.

With its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in March, “School Shave” was the only film to represent Turkey at the festival. The film returned with the FIPRESCI Award from the Panorama section of the festival.

“School Shaving” tells the story of what happened in a boarding school in Eastern Anatolia. In the film, one day, when one of the students falls ill, the audience begins to look at the cramped structure of the school board and the resistance of the children among themselves.

If you’d like, you can watch the film’s trailer here, or if you’d like to buy your ticket, you can find it here.

  • Responding to Violence Against Women with Dance – “People hear things when they listen, but live when they watch”

Founded by Açı High School students, the Women’s Dance Theater draws attention to the violations of women’s rights through their arts, with their performances called “WOMAN”. The ensemble performs three women’s struggles by force in the form of a dance theater and donates the show’s revenues to various charities that support the employment of women and children every time.

We spoke about the ensemble’s story with İlayda Özne Ertay, the director and choreographer of the Women’s Dance Theater:

  • What happened at Tatavla Sahne?

Tatavla Sahne in Istanbul-Beyoğlu had to interrupt her activities after a bystander repeatedly called the municipality to complain. Edanur Tanış and Baran Yalçınkaya spoke with Tuba Zehra Sağlam, Eraslan Sağlam and General Coordinator Balca Yücesoy, the founders of the podium.

According to the claims of the stage staff, the public, who called Beyoğlu Municipality 20 times a day, complained persistently because there was no paper towel in the sink and the washing machine in the toilet. Tatavla Sahne decided to suspend her activities for a while so as not to victimize the municipality and the public.

  • What have we read? – A life dedicated to the stage: Metin Akpınar”

Journalist and writer Zeynep Miraç’s biography book “A Life Dedicated to the Stage: Metin Akpınar” was published by Mundi Kitap, the publishing house founded under Can Yayınları. We visited Miraç in his office in Nişantaşı, Istanbul to listen to the story of the book. Miraç spoke about the premise of the idea of ​​telling Metin Akpınar’s life and the experiences in the book.

His motivation to write a book “Artists like Metin Akpınar here become Metin Akpınar ‘despite’ this country” explained Mirac, “With the desire to share the stories of all those people ‘despite’ with everyone” this is out.

Our conversation with the writer Zeynep Miraç can be found here:

  • Where did we visit? – New exhibition of Kalyon Kültür: ŞAŞAA

Artist Jonathan Monaghan’s most comprehensive solo exhibition, “ŞAŞAA”, opened its doors at Kalyon Kültür in Şişli, Istanbul. The exhibition, curated by Ceren and Irmak Arkman, shows video installation works created using different techniques. Treating the exuberance of the Baroque and the excess of the digital age from a common point of view, the exhibition aims to make people think about concepts such as popular culture, institutional authority and over-reliance on technology. We spoke to Ceren Arkman, one of the curators of the exhibition, about “ŞAŞAA”, which takes visitors on a tour of the works produced with the creativity of video games.

Exhibition of contemporary art in various places in Berlin, the capital of Germany The “Berlin Biennale” opened its doors for the 12th time this year. The theme of the 12th edition of the Biennale is colonialism, patriarchy and the destruction caused by capitalism.

Curated by French-Algerian artist Kader Attia, the Biennale explores the steps for change needed to reshape a more egalitarian world.

The Biennale, which started on June 11, will continue to host its visitors until September 18 at six different locations in the city.

The first single from the new album Renaissance, which musician Beyoncé is preparing to release at the end of July, after six years, has been released.

Hagop Mamigonyan, the conductor of the Lusavoric Choir who accompanies the Komitas game, talks about the importance of Komitas and the declining number of church choirs in Armenian culture.

  • Artists who work at The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), the art museum in the United States (US), opened an exhibition of works by employees for the first time.

Although The Met has been hosting an event where your employees showcase their work since 1935, it opened this exhibition to everyone for the first time.

The exhibition titled “Art Work: Artists Working at The Met” showcases the work of more than 450 employees of the museum who wish to participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition, which opened on June 6, has been curated by the museum’s exhibition designer, Daniel Kershaw.

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