This week in culture and art (29 April – 5 May): Our choice for you

As Medyascope, we’ve rounded up the movies and plays you can watch and the exhibits you can visit this week. Have fun in advance.

Compiled by: Tuğbanur Toprak

Do you find it difficult to decide what to watch when dozens of movies are released every week? This week, we’ve added TV series and various cinema events to our favorite movies released on online movie platforms. Have fun in advance!

Movies in the cinema

  • Mubi Turkey – Smoke in my childhood head

“Youth Is Smoke On My Head” focuses on the lives of two close friends, Thor and Christian, with autobiographical inspiration from the life of Icelandic director Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson. The duo living in a small fishing village is the main character of our film. In the story of the film, we accompany these two friends as they discover themselves, love and sexuality. Taking the audience on a journey through the feelings of children’s early childhood during the summer season, the film shares these sweet feelings with the audience until the end of summer, when the Icelandic cold kicks in again. Plus, it’s not enough to say how happy we are to see strong girl characters who aren’t afraid of self-discovery in the movie.

The film, which won the “Queer Lion Award” at the Venice Film Festival, was also selected this year at the 41st Istanbul Film Festival. “Youth is smoke on my head” is Guðmundsson’s feature film debut.

The trailer for the film can be found here. Have fun in advance!

  • Netflix Turkey – Grace and Frankie

In their 70s, the lives of Grace and Frankie, who have completely different personalities from each other, cross paths again after their old husbands confess that they are actually in love. Before their paths cross, the two discover how good friends they can be after their marriage forced them to get together when they were people who got together “out of necessity” because their husbands were business partners and didn’t like each other at all.

In the show, we don’t just collaborate with Grace and Frankie’s story. At the same time, we follow the story of their husbands who decided to protect their love. We witness the friendship that has developed between the characters, their becoming each other’s biggest supporters every day, and their rediscovery of themselves and their desires with their changing lives in the 1970s.

“Grace and Frankie” is on Netflix Turkey with new episodes from the past season. The first four episodes of the season premiered in August 2021, with the final 12 episodes this weekend. The cast includes Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Sam Waterson.

You can watch the trailer for “Grace and Frankie” here. We think it will be a good addition to vacation.

  • 17th International Workers Film Festival

Held every year without sponsors, free of charge and without competition, the International Workers’ Film Festival is coming to the public for the 17th time from May 1-8, 2022. The festival, which took place online for the past two years due to the coronavirus outbreak, will take place both online and physically this year. The opening ceremony of the festival, showing 69 films from 20 countries, will take place on May 2 at the Moda Stage in Kadıköy, Istanbul.

The first stage of the festival will be held in Istanbul and Ankara. Physical screenings in Istanbul will be held at Kadıköy – Cinematheque/Cinema Evi on May 5-8, and at the French Cultural Center in Beyoğlu on May 6-8. The festival program includes 15 films that will meet the public for the first time in Turkey. The festival’s online screenings and events can be followed on YouTube channels.

Detailed information about the International Workers’ Film Festival can be found here, and the festival’s YouTube channel here.

Gaspar Noe is a guest this week at the concept movie nights that are organized under the label “Another Cinema”.

During the night, five of the director’s films will be screened, namely “Vortex”, “No Return 2019 and 2022”, “Climax”, “Lux Æterna”. One ticket is valid for all films.

“Gaspar Noe Night” at Beyoğlu Cinema on April 30

Ticket price – Full: 150 TL, discount: 120 TL

You can find the ticket for the night here.

Games to see

Now that the summer weather is starting to manifest itself, we are gradually approaching the end of the theater season. Although it is very difficult to produce in Turkey, many plays premiere weekly during the season. We’ve selected games for you to watch before the season ends. Have fun in advance!

  • Stop and stop. LOVE AND SILENCE

In the play, her 14-year-old cousin Meghan visits performance artist Hormuz’s exhibition and sees her aunt turn the exhibition into a show. Her aunt imagines her funeral and welcomes her old loves and jealous rivals into the coffin. The piece, performed by the 7 Jealous Fools performance group with music and dance, takes place in an art gallery. The piece, consisting of 65 minutes and one act, will be on stage with an English version for the last time this season on April 30.

Location: Istanbul – Kadıköy, Museum Gazhane

Ticket price – Full: 132 TL, discount: 66 TL

Detailed information about the game and tickets can be found here.

Taking a break from work due to the coronavirus outbreak, The Yellow Chair Theater Company is back on stage after two years with its adaptation of French playwright Alfred Jarry’s classic work “King Übü”. The game tells the story of the Übü family, who murdered and replaced the Polish king Venceslas. While describing this, he does not fail to refer to the dictators in history. Accompanied by various instruments, the piece will be on stage from 29 April.

Place: Istanbul – Mecidiyeköy, Profilo . Cultural Center

Ticket price – Full: 90 TL, discount: 45 TL
Detailed information about the game and ticket
from here you can reach

  • Like nothing happened

Four sisters from different cities come together in the house where they spent their childhood after a long time after the death of their mother with Alzheimer’s disease. Years and distances have eroded their relationship. In the short time they must spend together to share the legacy, the siblings rediscover many feelings about their lives, each other and themselves. Focusing on concepts such as family relationships, memory, lack of communication, male-female relationships, and issues of belonging, the play reveals the confrontations the siblings have put off all their lives.

Location: Istanbul – Beyoğlu, Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM)

Ticket price – Full: 40 TL, discount: 25 TL

Detailed information about the game and tickets can be found here.


If you want to visit an exhibition this weekend, we’ve put together the newly opened exhibitions for you, where different works, interesting materials are used and striking themes are discussed. Have fun in advance.

  • Leonardo da Vinci: “Artificial Intelligence The Wisdom of Light”

Opened in collaboration with Ouchhh Studio and DasDas Sahne, the digital art museum called “X Media Art Museum” can be another option for those staying on vacation in Istanbul. The museum showcases digital works that combine art and technology.

The first exhibition in the hall is the exhibition ‘Leonardo da Vinci: ‘Artificial Intelligence Wisdom of Light’, which consists of three-dimensional models of various works of art, especially the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. The exhibition shows da Vinci’s drawings and inventions, machine drawings and sketches. The music accompanying the experience is signed by Ludovico Einaudi and Mercan Dede, the composer of the Oscar-winning film “Nomadland”.

X Media Art Museum is open to visitors from Monday to Thursday between 11:00 and 21:00, on Fridays between 11:00 and 21:00 and on Sundays between 11:00 and 19:30. You have to buy tickets before visiting it.

Ticket price – 99 TL

Location: Istanbul – Ataşehir, Metropol Istanbul AVM

Detailed information and tickets can be found here

Serkan Küçüközcü’s personal exhibition “Unlimited Movement”, which depicts natural spaces in his paintings as an indicator of his relationship with life and nature, opened on April 26 at the Anna Laudel Gallery in Istanbul Beyoğlu. The exhibition focuses on the relationship between the outer world and the inner world and uses objects and figures that disrupt the reality of the space. “Limitless Motion” is open to visitors until June 10.

We spoke with Serkan Küçüközcü about the meanings of the figures he used and the exhibition. Our conversation with Küçüközcü, who stated that he immortalized his dreams by putting time in his works, that is, “he stole time from time”. from here you can reach

If you are interested in the exhibition, you can visit Belkıs Balpınar’s personal exhibition entitled “Macro-Micro” while you are there. The artist works on tapestry weaving with minimal drawings of universes made up of stars and galaxies. The exhibition is open to the public until June 10.

A note not to forget: the gallery is closed during the holidays. But at other times you can go for free, except on Mondays.

Location: Istanbul – Beyoglu, Anna Laudel Gallery

Greetings see you next week!

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