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The “Open Walls” project dedicated to the promotion and enrichment of culture and tourism was presented today in the Arengo hall of the municipal residence. The initiative is essentially about delivering new technological tools that can be easily used by citizens and tourists, along with various events and activities planned along the monumental trail that includes the regenerated with funding Porta Paola, Baluardo Amore and San Lorenzo and Piazza Verdi Por Fwsr Fsc .

The meeting with journalists was attended by the municipal councilors for tourism and budget, Matteo Fornasini, and for public works, Andrea Maggi, together with Antonio Scuderi, general director of the Capitale Cultura Group, whose task was to illustrate the content of the project in detail.

“Thank you to everyone who collaborated on this project,” said Councilor Fornasini during the meeting, “in particular to the operators and operators of municipalities and sectors who worked in synergy and transversely with commitment and competence to achieve this positive result. The Porta Paola Visitor Center will now be able to propose and improve new paths that make our Este Walls more attractive by following and carrying out an important redevelopment process. “

“Today, a perfect combination of the historical and urban value of the walls, which are already the heritage of UNESCO, and the values ​​of sports practiced and experienced by many residents and tourists in this extraordinary outdoor gym, are being developed,” emphasized councilor Maggi. -. From 2019, we attach great importance to the city walls and today we can say that we have made important steps in the promotion of sport, urban planning and tourism of this monumental, very important value for everyone ”.

The project was presented in its entirety, highlighting two scheduled meetings:

– tomorrow, Thursday, June 23 at 10.00 in Porta Paola “Eductour: in the presence of influencers – bloggers and journalists with the inauguration of the Visitor Center Porta Paola”;

– Sunday June 26 at 17:00 in Open Workshops – Verdi Theater: party (by invitation) with the “brand ambassador” with formal recognition by the Ferrara Commune of Alessi Maurelli players, sponsored by the Italian Gymnastic Federation in the presence of representatives of Aeronautica Militare di Ferrara (of which the gymnast Maurelli is part) and official start by the athlete of the experience as an influencer on the cultural tourist path of the project itself.

The history of the Ferrara walls, from their beginnings to the most recent restorations, is revived thanks to new technologies for culture and tourism.

Launch of the project “Open Walls” of the Municipality of Ferrara, funded by POR FESR – FSC, in which, as a unique godmother, Alessia Maurelli, captain of the national artistic gymnastics team known as “Le Farfalle”: interactive map, engaging movies, multilingual podcasts and innovative journey in Augmented Reality.

The ‘Open Walls’ project of the municipality of Ferrara, funded by POR FESR-FSC, aims to improve some of the southern wall spaces recovered through restoration interventions to ‘repair’ ancient walls to improve their shape, urban identity and support development of cultural, tourist, sustainable mobility and recreational territorial functions. This section of the wall will also be the subject of revitalization interventions under the next ERDF Program 2021-2027, which is currently being finalized by the Emilia Romagna Region and which we will be able to announce in the last months of 2022, with construction from 2023. One of the most important interventions concerns Porta Paola, the monumental gateway to the city: inside it, a technological Visitor Center has been created and an interactive two-sided SmartMap has been installed, which allows visitors to learn and deepen the history related to the southern part of Ferrara’s walls. In particular, visitors will be able to interact with the content in both Italian and English: on one side of the panel, you will be able to listen to a podcast produced by the project and start an Augmented Reality experience that will guide them along the walls by simply framing QR codes on the smartphone. the map; on the other hand, it will be possible to see a timeline that will highlight the main interventions made in the section of Walls, the main protagonist of the reinforcing intervention.

The podcast was recorded in two languages ​​(English and Italian) and consists of 6 episodes lasting approximately 3 minutes, each aimed at increasing the regenerative activity that has hit this section of the walls. The ‘Episode Zero’ of the podcast is devoted to a general overview of the renovation project followed by episodes dedicated to the main points of interest: Porta Paola, Baluardo di San Lorenzo, Baluardo dell’Amore and Former Verdi Theater. To close the circle, an episode with useful tips for those who want to explore the Walls while doing outdoor sports. The scientific depth of the podcast is due to the collaboration with personalities who closely followed and directed the restoration interventions who, in addition to sharing their professionalism, also lent their voices: Francesco Scafuri, Ferrara historian; Michele Pastore, architect and director of Porta Paola restoration; Natascia Frasson, architect and manager of the monuments and heritage services of the municipality of Ferrara; and Rossella Bizzi, architect and director of the renovation works of the former Verdi Theater. Podcasts can be listened to both on-site by framing QRCode on SmartMap, but also “remotely” by searching for “Open Walls” in the libraries of the most popular audio streaming platforms in order to expand the audience towards new generations.

Another intervention with high technological value is certainly the Augmented Reality Walls Tour, for which an innovative web application has been developed that can be used on a smartphone without the need to download any application. By framing a dedicated QRCode on the SmartMap, the visitor can activate the Augmented Reality experience in Porta Paola – available in two languages ​​(Italian and English) and with a captioning system for the deaf and hard of hearing – and he is asked to activate the rest of the content along the Ferrara walls thanks to the system geolocation. The goal of improving storytelling development affected the southern section of the Walls all the way to the Rampart of Love. The task of the actor Luka D’Addino, who will play the role of the avatar Giovan Battista Aleotti – the architect of the protagonist of the bastion fortification of this section at the end of the 16th century – will be to accompany the visitor along the indicated path and tell about the development of the walls from the early years of the Duchy of Estense to the present day with recent works conservation. A track designed to attract a wide audience with a focus on youth, social inclusion and disability. They enrich the experience of educational games that activate additional content and offer the opportunity to discover more curiosities that link the history of the artifact with the recent era and the evolution of the city. Finally, visitors have the option of immortalizing their image in Augmented Reality with digital avatars linked to the history of the walls that can be shared on social media.

In addition to the SmartMap, an illustrative video of the project in Italian and English subtitles will be available at the Visitor Center, encouraging visitors to interact with the map and consequently listen to podcasts and / or immerse themselves in the Augmented Reality experience. The video features suggestive images of the main film Mura, accompanied by the voice of the same actor who voiced the avatar in Giovan Battista Aleotti’s Augmented Reality. The most advanced audio-video technologies, such as ultra-light and fast drones, were used to create this product during the shooting campaign. The project was also promoted through a partnership with two major newspapers and related online channels in the arts and tourism sector: Exibart and Turisti per Case (Gruppo Valica). This media partnership includes the publication of multiple sponsored and organic posts on various social media platforms, dedicated newsletters, and the inclusion of the project in the event calendar. To act as the godmother of the project, Alessia Maurelli, world famous athlete captain of the national gymnastics team (known as “Butterflies”): two gold and two silver at the 2022 European Championships in Tel Aviv, Tokyo 2021 Olympic bronze, 4 ° classified at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and chief aviator of the Aeronautica Militare Sports Center. The involvement of the gymnast is the result of valuable cooperation with the top management and the management of the Federgymnastics Communication Bureau, which also took the patronage over the inaugural event.

Indeed, on Sunday 26 June, the athlete – adopted from Ferrara – will take part in the project kick-off and, after an initial institutional moment at Ex Teatro Verdi, where he will be awarded by the city council, will visit Porta Paola. interact with the content present on the SmartMap and will be guided through an augmented reality tour along the route indicated, sharing the entire experience with their loyal and affectionate community.

The implementation of the project was entrusted by the Commune – in public mode – Capitale Cultura Group, an international company specializing in innovative and highly technological cultural projects, which on this occasion involved ARtGlass®, a company from the Leader Group, in creating Augmented Reality solutions and experiences for culture and tourism and EArs specialists, professionals in audio production.

(Ph. Alessia Maurelli – Simone Ferraro)

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