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Sailboats, catamarans, yachts and gulets for weeks (or days) around Sicily. There are those who take care to create a “carefree” vacation for you with very affordable last minute offers

It all started when Luca was living in New York. Perhaps it was the “call of nature” of the sea, but it was there that the Naples-born entrepreneur but raised in Palermo (his mother is from Palermo), came up with the idea: to create a travel network for boats, a way in which people can connect with each other and plan your boat trips in a simple, fun and convenient way. Expert or not, it doesn’t matter.

Thus, Intersailclub was born, the first global boating adventure platform to offer a high-quality, affordable and community experience.

Luca Lianza he’s the captain, so he knows what he’s talking about. “The coolest thing,” he says, is the fact that Intersailclub is made up of people who may not be able to spend a lot of money and who are happy to share space and time. ” So it is a question of shared “social celebrations”.

So let’s talk right away about Cabin charterwhich in translation means “boarding the cabin” or “individual boarding”. The perfect solution enjoy sailing holidays for all those who do not have the opportunity to gather enough people in the same period to be able to rent an exclusive boat, for those who do not have sailing license (which is not a detail), for those who want to rest and not worry about route and navigation.

It is possible even book one seat on board the boat and routine expenses such as food, fuel, mooring in marinas, access to marine parks, local taxes, boat rental and crew will be shared with all vacation participants so that total costs are included.

Costs that vary depending on the choice and for sure this last minute are an ideal and advantageous solution from an economic point of view (prices are now super discounted above all) both for those who do not know what to do and where to go to the very end, so they can be inspired by the proposals found on the Intersailclub website.

Upcoming departures from Sicily that need to be dealt with immediately (at the last minute) are those scheduled for a week July 30 / August 6and later 13, twenty AND this August 27 in addition to those scheduled for September. A week (but days can be shorter too) to remember.

Therefore, every week there is the possibility of charter cabins that will take you around Sicily with departures from boarding points Main: Marsala for the Egadi Islands, Palermo passing through Zingaro, San Vito Lo Capo and Egadi, Capo d’Orlando for the Aeolian Islands, e Tropea for the Aeolian Islands, for those in Calabria.

For each request, you can visit the Intersailclub website or contact Marianna via WhatsApp on 351 8727395 for the Cabin Charter formula and Luca at number 391 3795746 for a private boat formula.

Speaking of cabin charter, let’s get started right away dispel some myths for this type of trip. The first is the classic: “these charters are hard to manage because then you share a small space with people you don’t know and you can go right and ruin your vacation.”

“I can confirm,” explains Luca, “that it is clearly the opposite. Cabin charter cruises begin new friendsand those who register and decide to have this experience are already people open mind. On the contrary, it is very common for groups that know each other to experience friction because everyone wants to do something different, at a different time and on a different basis. The Cabin charter cruises are a hitthose who participate need not be willing to do it all together, and this is no small matter.

Another myth is, “Do you ever go ashore?” You have to think of a boat as a cottage houseboat for rent. You get off when you want, the captain lets you get off when you ask for it, then it is clear that logic and common sense always have to be. In short, there will be the best and appropriate way to please everyone ».

For those who want more details about their Cabin Charte vacation, you can ask for a fantastic “vademecum“Which contains all the very useful explanations and tips and answers to fundamental questions such as:“ How do you cook on board if there is no chef? “,” What is a kitchen and who makes it? “. Which seems obvious, but it’s not at all when you’re on the boat. There are also rules of “good conduct” in confined and common spaces, but also advice on using the Tender, using water and electricity on board and much more.

Travel impressions on board sailboats, catamarans, yachts and gulets (these are the main categories) may also be thematic, ranging from yoga and sailto wine and sailing, from trekking and sailing to kitesurfing and sailing, etc., which give something more to enthusiasts of these activities.

This is not an ordinary vacation, but an original way to travel, and at the same time, if necessary, meet new people if you decide to rent a boat to share it with others. “Then it is up to us, who manage the platform, to“ profile ”users and create the best tourist solution and company for them, based on the features and information they provide. You can click on an item on any page of the itinerary Who is on board?thanks to which you can understand who is on board ».

All you need to do is select your destination, the boat and, if you want, the company, and set off on your dream trip.

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