Urgent regulations for agri-food and tourism businesses have been approved

FROM 18 votes in favor (Uv, Av-VdAU, Fp-Pd, Sa and mixed group) e 17 abstentions (Lega, Pcp, PLA, FI), the Valle Council approved the text of the Act with urgent agri-food and forestry legislation, tourism enterprises and regional staff.

At the same time it was unanimously approved the program proposed by the Lega Vallée d’Aoste group which obliges the regional government, upon completion of the allocation and payment of additional contributions to tourism enterprises to cover the cost of instrumental goods, to provide the relevant committees on this matter with a final report on the use of resources.

As specified in the class by the councilor Corrado Jordan (Av-VdAU), also on behalf of his colleague Antonino Malacrinò (FP-PD), the text of the law “has been implemented in the Commission after the amendments proposed by the government to improve the effectiveness of the regulatory instrument and, in particular, to allow useFund Mountain“Funds expected in the states last year to refresh Covid, both for voucher for the promotion of regional agri-food products quality both for revamping the cost of instrumental real estate in the tourism sector. The possibility of using the “Mountain Fund” was decided only after presenting the project to the Council: there was therefore no desire to compress the activities of council committees, but only the possibility of using state funds. “

The recipe, in its own six itemsprovides for the refinancing of a measure promoting trade in high-quality regional agri-food products (the so-called “voucher”): aid applications already submitted by 1 June can be financed for a total amount of tourism enterprises 1 million euroswhile for the remaining applications, an initial allocation of 300,000. euro is integrated with 202 thousand. euro.

When it comes to subsidies for travel companies refresh the instrumental properties for which they are intended additional EUR 6.8 millionJordan stated that “applications, already processed by December 31, 2021, have been almost 1500 and included a financial commitment of almost € 4 million, increased by 2022 by an amount proportional to what has already been committed. “

In the text of the act, a one-off flat-rate contribution of € 4,800 to the San Giovanni Gualberto Foundation, established in honor of the patron saint of forestry in Italy, for the purpose of awarding scholarships for research activities. Finally, delegations of some individual organizational positions of the voivodeship staff are extended until December 31, 2022, pending a permanent revision of the organizational model of regional administration.

Agriculture Councilor, Davide Sapinet, he spoke of “the excellent possibility of using the resources of the” Mountain Fund “. This account allows you to close the center voucher which provided important resources for the agriculture, trade and tourism sectors: it was born in difficult times, lasted three years and allowed us to improve our local products With excellent opinion“.

In fact, in 2021, Sapinet continues: “they were 440 questions, a total of 1.5 million euro was disbursed; in 2022, 542 applications for 2 million euro: given the good success, it was decided I propose an intervention also for this yearbut we won’t be able to do it again in the future. So you have to think about other solutions, and they have already stayed comparisons with Chambre Valdôtaine have begun: We will share the data you have provided with us with colleagues. Aside from being an incentive, this measure has brought the gastronomy world closer to benefiting from our food and wine excellence, strengthening our territory. ”

Suspension of objection by law

To illustrate the agenda proposed by the Lega, Wice-Rodzic group Stefano Aggravi said: “We want to focus our attention on the funds made available under Art. 2 by asking that, after the completion of all fund allocation operations, it is possible to timely reporting in spending committees to understand how sovereign funds have been spent dealing with the pandemic. The amendment that introduced Art. 2 is important, but upset the original version of the lawThis is also due to the overlapping administrative and political situations in recent times. By 2022 I hope it doesn’t happen anymoreprimarily on measures on which we have all found agreements that allow us to breathe life into our businesses. ‘

Aggravi then declared that the group was voting for the first two articles, stating that “we will abstain from all the others and on the entire text that he did not have an entirely common path“.

The position of the parent company Pour l’Autonomie is no different Marco Carrel“We have already foreseen our abstentions in the committee on the bill as a whole, but we will make an article-by-article distinction. In line with what our group asked for in the budget session, we will confidently vote on Article 1 that integrates the funds for the premium for agri-food products and art. 2, which is intended to be used important resources for the benefit of our businesses. For the other articles and the project as a whole, however, we’ll hold off. ‘

Parent company of Postępy Projekt Obywatelski, Erika Guichardazhe explained instead: “This text of the law is: it completely changed, becoming a kind of omnibus law with four articles on four different topics. A text of urgency for one person only lack of coordination between politics and administration. We will therefore vote on the first two articles, but we will abstain from the entire bill. “

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