useful pre-departure checks

One of the most anticipated moments of the year has finally arrived: the summer vacation. With the heat, there is a desire to go on vacation, one or two weeks, and even longer for the lucky ones. This year we have seen train and plane prices soar.

It’s a summer period custom – it’s true – but this 2022 vacation, especially in Italy, seems much more expensive than in previous years. Is it Covid’s fault? Maybe. The fact is that the prices, along with the numerous flight cancellations we witnessed during this period, prompted Italians to travel more by car, relying on the convenience of their own private vehicle. Traveling by car, as we know, allows for greater flexibility in terms of timetables, luggage, as well as more favorable rates (despite the increase in fuel and highway prices). The important thing, especially when facing a long journey, is that the car is not excessively worn out, worn-out, and above all, it is well-equipped. Carvago, one of the main online platforms for selling used cars, has compiled a list of useful tips before leaving that we want to share with you.

Tips for safe and less stressful car journeys

Traveling by car is certainly a decision that involves several benefits for families and more, nevertheless it is always good to bear in mind that there is a possibility of inconvenience and problems that often arise from poor vehicle maintenance due to the driver’s ignorance of the needs of his car., the European market With over 750,000 used cars available from stock, up to 10 years and with a maximum of 160,000 kilometers, the company has developed tips on how to avoid these inconveniences and make the trip during the holidays less stressful for drivers but also for passengers.

During the summer period, cars – both older and newer models – are generally more susceptible heat and wear problemscaused by more intensive use which may cause the driver to walk along the road and the car to break down. For this reason, Carvago recommends that you arrange for your vehicle to be inspected or fully inspected at specialized workshops before going on vacation.

Necessary checks

Here is a list of checks a good mechanic should do on your car before going on a road trip:

  • fluid level: To travel safely, it is imperative that the car has a sufficient level of fluids. Then check the engine oil, coolants, brake fluid, and windshield washer;
  • tiresHeat loads car tires as well, and high temperatures can be responsible for pressure loss and wear. That is why it is so important to show the tires to the professionals before going on a trip so that they do not end up on the ground. Also pay attention to the general condition, too worn tires can actually crack or give way, increasing the risk of an accident;
  • wiper blades: Despite the scorching sun and high temperatures, it is not certain that you will not have to deal with rain and storms during your trip. Therefore, it is important that the wipers are in perfect condition and that the blades are not excessively worn: they need to expel water quickly to give the driver a perfect view of the road;
  • air conditioning: the system must be fully functional in order to be able to travel comfortably, despite the high outside temperatures. Note: however, always use the air conditioner sparingly, without exaggerating, as an excessive temperature difference between the inside and the outside may cause passengers to travel in an uncomfortable situation. Prolonged exposure to air conditioning can then cause a general malaise, sore throat, neck and joint pain, and sometimes even nausea. Carvago recommends traveling at temperatures not lower than 21 or 22 degrees, especially if the passengers are wearing too light clothes;
  • driver seat adjustment: Drivers can never lose their vigilance, while passengers can relax during the journey. To relieve stress and strain, we recommend ergonomically positioning the driver’s seat, leaning your back against the seat and adjusting the distance so that your wrists can touch the top of the steering wheel.

Antonio Gentile, Carvago Country Manager, whom we interviewed a few days ago (on the aftermarket trend), said: “At Carvago we want to be increasingly attentive to the needs of our community and ensure a positive driving experience for both the driver and the driver. passengers. During the summer period, the number of used cars purchased on our market increased significantly due to the travel needs in the summer. Therefore, it is important that our customers are informed about how to prepare in order to better manage the needs of their car in advance of a long journey ”.

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