VIDEO. Aude: kicked bed bugs out of the house, and still no solution, after a night in the car

From Sunday night to Monday, the apartment occupied by Roselise Douglas and her four children at the HLM residence in Port Leucate became uninhabitable due to an infestation of bed bugs. After emptying some of the furniture infested with small insects, then trying a new deep cleaning, the mother of the family tried to move in, but to no avail. The social landlord scheduled insecticide treatment by the end of the week, but sends the mother back to her insurance company for a temporary drop off point. Which sends her back to the HLM organization. After a hard night in the car, the little family took refuge in a hotel and is still waiting for a decision.

After two sleepless nights, including one in a car with three of her four children, Roselise (one) Douglas, a mother who arrived from Guadeloupe in 2014, begins to absorb… fatigue. Phone calls to the social landlord, Aude Alogéa, her lawyer, her home insurance lawyer, social services, Leucat City Hall mobilized her for 48 hours. Not to mention trips to the doctor, to the pharmacy, to school to pick up the two kids in the family, Maylis and Jasmine, 10 and 4 years old. Continuous efforts, but to no avail: “I’m worried about having to spend my second night in the car,” Khanael, 19, the eldest of four children, admitted on Tuesday afternoon.

To start falling in love

Therefore, on Monday morning, a small family was forced to leave their apartment located in the small residence of HLM in Port Leucate, located a few dozen meters from the beach, in the second curtain. Roselise Douglas fell in love with the small seaside resort of Aude and for this small collective of four floors, ideally located, very close to the elementary school, a beautiful playground for the kids and very close to the beach but also to the training center. Institute where the girl is studying to be a personal assistant. Having discovered the apartment in August last year, Roselise Douglas has already experienced a slight disappointment. Quite old, small building in need of a facelift. Traces of dampness, poorly closing doors, poor insulation almost discouraged her.

The residence, located in Port Leucate, in the second curtain compared to the beach, is due to be renovated in about a year.

“Everyone shifts responsibility”

There bed bugs kicked her out of the house. Violent intrusion, after several warnings, she attributed the bites to mosquito attacks. Then, after some research, she discovered bed bugs online. And before that he noticed that insects inhabited his housing, while well-groomed and very clean.

“I spent the night from Sunday to Monday on a chair, on my balcony,” she sums up. “There is only one mattress left that is usable. And in the morning my daughter was covered in bed bugs.” Therefore, the mother of the family chose to leave her home, but she has no other home. “I have no family or friends in Ode,” she laments. — I don’t have spare solutions. Social services, 115, Alogea… Everyone is throwing a ball to each other.”

The director of the Narbonnaise agency in Alogea, Estelle Quessada, tried to untie the skein at the end of the day on Tuesday. “We have contacted a specialized company and we will find out tomorrow[this Wednesday]when it can intervene, but it will be done by the end of the week,” she explained. a relocation solution must be found if the family does not have a base in Ode. This is usually the responsibility of the insurance company, but Alogéa is prepared to advance funds if necessary. And, of course, deduct these few days from the amount of rent that Mrs. Douglas will have to pay.

Towards the second night in the parking lot

“We have no progress,” regrets Roselise Douglas. – As for the legal aid lawyer, the HLM organization should take care of the resettlement, as it is responsible for the situation. And it will take not one, but three treatments, with a maturation period of about ten days each time. These are insects that are difficult to get rid of.”

This Tuesday, at the end of the day, Marie-Lise and her children were preparing to spend the second night in the parking lot of their residence. More news from Alogea, whose offices have closed. The mother was not contacted by the HLM organization in Narbonne. The only hope: a late phone call. Or for 115 people to find temporary housing for a small family (see box).

Ms. Douglas’ name is indeed Roselise, not Marie-Lise, as was erroneously stated in a previous version of this article. We apologize to the person concerned.

One night at the hotel, and again waiting in the parking lot

On Wednesday morning, Roselise and her family are still waiting for a decision to find their apartment, which the mother of the family and her four children were forced to leave due to the fact that it is infested with bedbugs. “I am in touch with the director of Alogea,” comments the mother of the family. — I got a call on Tuesday, at the end of the working day, but I still don’t have a solution. Luckily social services intervened and we were able to spend the night at the hotel (Tuesday-Wednesday night, ed.) and my kids were able to sleep in a real bed.” Roselise Douglas asks Alogea for temporary relocation, as well as for restoration work in her apartment before the complete disinfection of the premises. “The apartment is noticeably unsanitary,” she explains. And add: “If you disinfect, the bugs will return in a few weeks.”

The entire residence needs to be renovated, probably within a year.

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