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In the games of the Bleues group, Wendie Renard shone with her absence in the opponent’s area and her misses, before showing herself imperialist in defense against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. The fourth top scorer of the French women’s team is now on a mission to win back her famous head play. And what’s better than signing her great comeback in the semifinals, she who is the only player in the group to have already experienced this phase of the competition?

27/07/2022 at 21:00

Euro 2022

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Submitting an XXL CV is not always a guarantee of success. Pillar of the Bleues for more than ten years, Wendie Renard knows something about it. The tricolor captain did not shine particularly in this group stage, chaining errors of anticipation, alignment and passing, which often end in touches. In the opposing area, the defender with 33 goals in 135 selections was unable to fit even the slightest header on offensive set pieces. The French top scorer of the last World Cup with four goals continues his attempts on the English lawns and that is what he has shot the most, with 17 attempts. Including 76% of the heads, she who from the height of her 87 meters is the tallest player of the tournament. Facing Belgium (2-1), where she missed the penalty, Wendie Renard became the first French player to shoot at least eight times without scoring for the Euro after Eugénie Le Sommer, her teammate at the OL, who scored nine goals against Denmark in 2013. None of this worries Amel Majri, another Fenotte who is not part of the French contingent on English soil: “We must not forget that the goalkeepers have been very successful during this Euro. Against Holland the goalkeeper saves everything, close to the post with Geyoro, on the line in the final … She has the opportunities and I think she is working to get her back in shape. ” Facing France, Daphne van Domselaar, the goalkeeper orangealso signs the best performance of a goalkeeper in this Euro, with 11 saves against the Azzurri.

Captain of the Finals

Ben tells his teammate in OL, she who at the end of training sends cake after cake for her captain’s head: things will return to normal. “Overall, the French team could do better in group matchescomments the left-handed. We have known Wendie better in a few games, so we expect her to be flawless, to score her penalty and everything to be fine. His game against the Netherlands was on the verge of perfection, but we won’t necessarily highlight that. He plays in big competitions and is necessarily present. ” According to her, the best version of Wendie Renard would therefore be the one to come. Especially since she will have mulled over enough of all of her early mistakes. “When he makes mistakes, he doesn’t need to talk about it, to be told that everything will be okay.says Amel Majri, who rather describes a very pleasant Wendie, outside of periods of doubt. She knows very well what mistakes she has made, she is disappointed in herself, so she withdraws into herself to question herself and do much better in the next game. ” As a good defender of the defender, the number 7 of OL also remembers that Wendie Renard missed all the preparatory matches before the European Championship, due to a thigh injury.

“He told me he didn’t necessarily have a rhythmreports. But she’s used to it, she knows it has already happened and that’s no excuse. ” Tied to the thigh during the first few games, deployed alongside Aïssatou Tounkara when she has her habits with Griedge Mbock, the excuses for these poor performances are still quite easy to find. However, the captain will not use them. Ten years ago, Wendie Renard failed for the first time in major international competition and suffered elimination in the semifinals against the United States. This experience gave him “authorization to pass the levels” . “I watched almost every game on vacationhe says in an interview for the newspaper The group. I did my self-criticism. I took a slap in the face from the highest level with experienced, vicious forwards, in the good sense of the word, in the calls, in the game, in everything. I told myself I had to pick up speed quickly. ” In England, Wendie Renard is in the running for the Ballon d’Or if she wins the Euro and enjoys a completely different status, which has earned her the role of reference for her young teammates, even in soft strokes . . “Today, if you’re in the back and Wendie gives you advice, listen and menstruate.assures Amel Majri. Not that you don’t have a say, but she’s much more experienced, that’s respect. ”

“Lady Eiffel Tower”

The only player in the group to have known the semifinals of a great competition, Wendie Renard now wants to be the unifying agent of a multigenerational locker room, which can finally dream of reaching the final of a great tournament. “As a captain he is always in combat, he is very demanding, he works hard, he leaves nothing to chance. Even if we win, it doesn’t want to be easy. She pulls up a whole groupsupports his former teammate. To be a captain, you need to get wet, talk and hire on the field. ” Beyond the green square, it is “Mom Wendie” , as Selma Bacha likes to call her, always there to remind the little ones that the road traveled has been long. And she plays an important role in the famous group cohesion so dear to breeders. “If you look at Sweden for example: they have experienced players, but they don’t have the largest team, no disrespect towards them. However, we feel that they breathe the good atmosphere. And that’s what happens in Franceexplains Amel Majri. This is what Corinne Deacon has managed to do, she has mixed generations and today I see it in our exchanges: their team is just a joke. I could watch their shots all day, it’s so much fun. It’s a great atmosphere and that’s what makes the difference. ” However, on the other side of the Rhine, it is Wendie Renard herself who is being erected as an absolute threat by the German newspaper Imagewho nicknamed it “Madame Eiffel Tower” (“Madame Tour Eiffel” in VF), while the Bleues will receive the ticket for the final against the Germans this Wednesday. The article also invites the players of the Frauen-Nationalmannschaft to “Demean those who dominate” both surfaces. The perfect opportunity for the Lyonnais to place her first European pawn?

By Anna Carreau
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