what to see and do in the wonderful “Val Venosta holiday village”

Immersed in the magnificent territory of Val Venosta, Silandro is a lovely village in the province of Bolzano in Trentino-Alto Adige. An ideal place, both in summer and winter, for all those who wish to experience the experience in direct contact with nature and local traditions, in a timeless place.

Silandro: a travel guide and altitude

Silandro is a village in the province Bolzano, in Trentino Alto Adige and is the most important center Val Venostalocated on the left bankAdige at the base Monte Sole. The sunny and central location at an altitude of over 700 m above sea level makes this village a pleasant holiday destination in all seasons, and also allows you to reach many nearby attractions.

Territory Silandro it covers the villages of Corces, Covelano, Vezzano, Monte Tramontana and Monte Mezzodì and is characterized by fields full of orchards, vineyards and forests.

Thanks to its privileged sunny location, village of Silandro is considered a wonderful vacation spot.


Visit Silandro: interesting places and attractions

Visit Silandro it is an experience recommended for the whole family as it offers a range of activities and places to discover suitable for everyone, including children.

This lovely portion Val Venosta it contains a truly complete tourist offer, always keeping intact and well-defined identities of places and local traditions.

As predicted Silandro is a popular destination all year round, the reason is undoubtedly the beauty of the landscape that changes with the changing seasons, giving visitors ever new and amazing spectacle. Moreover, if in winter you can easily reach 6 nearby ski areas, in summer guests can relax by the outdoor swimming pool Silandro.

Now let’s see specifically what to do and what to see in Silandro between culture, art, sport and nature.


Schlandersberg Castle – Silandro

The Schlandersberg Castleor Castle of Silandroit is located on the edge of the village, and its present layout, typically renaissance, dates back to the 17th century.

The castle owes its name to an influential family Schlandersberg who owns it for a long time. Today, the facility is owned by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and houses several offices and a municipal library.

Castle Schlandersberg silandro

Avimundus – Silandro Tourist Center

The Avimundus visitor center is one of the five houses South Tyrol National Park and is located in Silandro, at Via Principale 67. The center collects information, documents and a multimedia station on the birds found in the area Stelvio National Park and in the habitats that serve them.

In particular, the center is also perfect to visit if you have children who will surely be fascinated by this wonderful world and be able to discover the many and different bird sounds, their habits and much more, it is actually an interactive and informative experience.


Church of Santo Spirito all’Ospedale – Silandro

Among the various churches and chapels Silandro is it definitely worth visiting there? Church of the Holy Spirit in the hospitala very characteristic building built in the Gothic style, dating from the first version from the 14th century.

After a fire that completely destroyed the building, the church was rebuilt in 1514. Inside there are very beautiful frescoes from the 13th and 16th centuries.


Church of Santa Maria Assunta – Silandro

Over there Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta is the most famous symbol Silandro and if you are visiting a village the stop is an absolute must.

What immediately catches the eye is the magnificent belfry, which at 90.31 m is the tallest in the whole Trentino Alto Adige.

The church also includes St. Michael and both were rebuilt after a fire in 1499. Inside the church, you can admire a series of frescoes depicting the life of the Virgin Mary, made by the painter Adam Molek.


House of Culture for them. Karl Schönherr – Schlanders

Over there House of Culture for them. Karl Schönherr With Silandro is one of the most important multifunctional cultural and social centers in the area.

Among all kinds of manifestations and events, we always recommend browsing the center’s programs if you are looking for artistic or cultural gatherings to live in a village to enrich your vacation with unique experiences.


Excursions and walks – Silandro

Of course, given the territory in which it stands Silandro, the village is an ideal starting point for sightseeing trails AND routes present in the environment and are really at all ages and levels of preparation. We highlight some of the most beautiful and evocative, starting with or nearby Silandro.

  • Walk in the sun
  • A trip to the sulfur spring of Stinkabrunn
  • A path along Lake Corzes in Silandro
  • Paths along the huts
  • High mountain trails in the Stelvio National Park


Silandro: Pictures and Photos

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