What will happen after yesterday’s decline in the stock market?

While the Stock Exchange Index closed the day with a drop of 1.21%, sales intensified after the CBRT decision. We observed that sales were intense, mainly in the Banking and Aeronautical sectors. While the banking index fell 2.4% in second place, the first sector was transport with 2.7%. Profit sales may have been effective in this after the recent surge in aviation stocks. However, the macro-prudential measures that may be taken, as set out in the text of the CBRT decision on the banking index, may have raised concern that new pressures will arise on lending.

The new value-based application announced in home loans may have been priced in advance in the market and this may have put pressure on banks. The banking index is still above the 50-day average. For XBANK, the 50-day average in 2100 will be seen as an important support. If it drops below that level, selling pressure could build up on banks. However, we are not at this point yet. Today we will see if there will be a reaction after yesterday’s sales.

Official statements indicate that additional macroprudential measures could be announced in the coming days. Measures similar to the asset ratio applied in the past can create regulatory pressure on bank actions in this period, as they did in that period. We will see this more clearly in the coming days.

Although the BIST100 index still maintains its strong position technically, the loss of momentum is clearly seen. The 22 and 50-day averages at the 2540 and 2490 levels respectively will be our important support points for the index. On the other hand, the XYUZO index, which was expressed as 100-30 yesterday, ended the day in the positive zone. We saw that buyers focused on non-BIST30 BIST100 stocks. On the other hand, the actions of the Paperboard and Food sectors showed strong evolution. Today, the positive trends in inventories in this sector may continue.

We can see a reaction today due to the close close to the 22-day average in the BIST100 index. After a positive opening, movements in banking stocks appear to be decisive.


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