where, when and how to see the group in the Aube villages?

Attending a stage of the Grande Boucle is always an expected event and extremely appreciated by the public. This Wednesday, Dawn is in the spotlight. And for once, the spectators will be able to make the most of a group in full effort in the midst of the vineyards, its difficulties and its white paths. A unique and unrepeatable opportunity. A show not to be missed, with explosions, punctures, maybe even flights. But on these narrow trails, you won’t have to wait too long to get a good spot.

Departure for Troyes.

Otherwise, the atmosphere of the departure in Troyes (Argence car park, opposite the Champagne theater), with its fan zone and entertainment could be suitable. From 10 am the fan zone opens its doors. Followed by the paddock (10:30). To park, all the car parks in the city center are accessible (free such as Delestraint and Songis, or for a fee: town hall, Victor-Hugo, Danton, Halles, cathedral, etc.).

Only the competition sectors (boulevard Gambetta, rue De-Gaulle, rue de la République) are closed to traffic and parking (this also applies to all the streets adjacent to those mentioned: the entrance to rue de Preize, rue Paillot de Montabert , rue de la Madeleine, rue de la Paix, rue Grosley, rue de la Corne de Cerf or even the beginning of rue des Quinze-Vingts).

Same situation for the racing sectors (Rue Raymond-Poincaré, part of the Boulevard du 14 Juillet and Boulevard Jules-Guesde). “Traffic will resume slowly after the group passes, so as not to disturb users”said Frédéric Serra, sports assistant of the Troyes municipality.

The white paths

The highlight of the show will obviously be the very first passage of the white trails by a Tour de France group. But to attend this unique event, you’ll need to be early. Because the paths are narrow and parking on the side will be tricky.

The first visit to Celles-sur-Ource will be around 3pm. A first one kilometer wall with a percentage of 9% of legs for the runners, before immediately attacking the first white path of the day. “With the exception of the streets where the race passes, which will obviously be blocked, the public will be able to park in the rest of the village and in Place de la Liberté, which has a small car park. Obviously all this is limited in number and people will have to anticipate and come as soon as possible “explains the municipality of Celles-sur-Ource.

A good opportunity to see the first stiff walls after 68 kilometers traveled. But the crux of this fourth stage is at kilometer 89 with the passage through the Blu plateau. A long white path (the longest of the stage) of 4.4 km extremely dangerous. But to get there, Essoyes village is the closest geographically. And it is located 4 kilometers from the plateau.

So, if you decide to park in the city of Renoir, you will have to trudge a bit. “In Essoyesreplies the town hall, you can park where you can. There is the school yard, the castle alley. After that there are few places, so you have to come as soon as possible. It will be random luck if I can tell. “ There, too, you won’t have to wait too long to place yourself. The passage of the first competitors will take place around 15:30.

Arrival in Bar-sur-Aube

Enjoying the Tour de France and the epilogue of this stage of the Aube can be done in Bar-sur-Aube. Instead, it will be the town baralbina, served only by the ward “completely closed”, says Mayor Philippe Borde. You will have to arrive very early to be able to park and enjoy the end of the stage.

But even here, like Troyes, the city in the northeast of the Aube offers entertainment for most of the day. Designed in particular by the local cycling club, the Etoile Cycliste Baralbine. “We have had many meetings with the sports organization Amaury (ASO) to discuss the activities to be implemented. Especially with cycling schools. It is a job and it monopolizes the world but we are really spoiled to have it “enthusiastically affirms Djamal Makhlouf, president of the ECB.

Hours of passage of cyclists in the municipalities

Troyes fictitious departure 13:00

Breviandes (D49) actual departure 13:10

Canopies 13:14

Saint-Aventin (D49 – D49A), city of Verrières 13:19

Clery (D49 A-D1) 13:21

Renault, city of Fresnoy-Le-Château 13:25

Le Haut Chêne, city of Fresnoy-Le-Château 13:29

Lusigny-sur-Barse (D1-D619-D1-D1G) 13:34

Geraudot (D1-D43) 13:46

The Pavilion, city of Géraudot 13:49

Area of ​​the Hermitage, city ​​of Vendeuvre-sur-Barse 14:03

Vendeuvre-sur-Barse (D79-D619-D443-D81) 14:08

Villy-en-Trodes (D81-D63-D81) 14:19

Poligny (D81-D43) 14:26

Corteno 2:30 in the afternoon.

Burgundians (D43-D49) 14:32

Bar-sur-Seine (D49-D443-D4) 14:36

Merrey-sur-Arce (D4-D167-D67B) 14:40

Our (D67B-D67-VC) 14:47

Buxeuil (VC-D971) 14:55

Neuville-sur-Seine (D971-VC) 14:57

Gye-sur-Seine 15:07

Try (D70-D67-VC-D79) 15:16

Noé-Les-Mallets 15:30

Chacenay (D45-D79) 15:35

Eguilly-sous-Bois (D79-VC-D4) 15:39

Vitry-le-Croisé (D4-D30-VC) 15:42

Bligny (VC-D12-D4) – Meurville (D4-D101) 15:55

Bergeres (D101-D201) 15:59

Couvignon (D201-VC-D4) 16:05

Bar-sur-Aube (D4-D4B-D619) expected arrival 16:25

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