Why Fofana does not come to Marseille, the new away shirt and the departure of Luan Peres… The 3 OMs for this Wednesday!

Like every evening, FCM invites you to follow the 3 OM news of the day! Scheduled for this Wednesday: Why Fofana does not come to Marseille, the new away shirt and the departure of Luan Peres …

OM: The away shirt is officially presented by Puma

The 2022/2023 home shirt had already been released, the OM has just made the away shirt official. This jersey is inspired by the geographic coordinate system and is interspersed with lines representing the latitudes and longitudes of the world

Best away team of last season, Olympique de Marseille are traveling well. In the four corners of France, Marseille players can count on the unfailing support of their fans throughout France. The new away shirt thus pays homage to Marseille and its inhabitants, through it the whole city unites to transport the Olympians. With this shirt, every game played outside Orange Vélodrome is a home game.

But Marseille is more than a city, it is a place unto itself. The cosmopolitan city par excellence: all cultures meet, mix and mix easily. Marseille is the world, it is a country made up of all countries. The new away shirt is therefore a tribute to all those who directly or indirectly represent this pride of being “of Marseilles origin”.

MASSALY: 43.2965 ° N, 5.3698 ° E

The usual club color on the outside, navy blue dominates on this new jersey, while the club and PUMA logos as well as the sleeves match in an emblematic blue of OM and the city of Marseille.

The new away shirt is inspired by the geographic coordinate system and is interspersed with lines that represent the latitudes and longitudes of the world and thus recall the omnipresent multiculturalism of Marseilles. This design brings modernity to this new tunic.

Inside the collar there is a globe on which Marseille is placed in the center, represented by a star, a symbol of its international influence. We also find the coordinates of the Orange Velodrome in addition to the original Greek name of the city: Massalia.

It is paired with navy blue shorts and socks.

OM Market: The three reasons that prevent Fofana from joining Marseille!

Seko Fofana is not ready to join OM. The Ivorian who has already joined Tudor is not on good terms with the Marseille manager, who would block the transfer, according to Sébastien Denis, journalist Foot market.

While the rumors reported a contractual agreement between the Lensois player and Olympique de Marseille, in recent days the editor-in-chief of F.ormarket reveals that Seko Fofana would ultimately not be inclined to sign for Marseille. In addition to the financial difficulties of the OM in this case, the player who has already evolved under Tudor’s orders during his time at Udinese, would not get along with Jorge Sampaoli’s successor. Which would therefore make it almost impossible for him to arrive on the Canebière.

Fofana is not a Tudor fan and too expensive (salary and transfer)!

The file is still financially complicated until OM has sold. The Ivorian, in fact, is estimated by RC Lens between 25 and 30 million euros, a figure that the Olympic management is currently unable to pay. The Lensois midfielder, author of a spectacular season, has no shortage of suitors. But Fofana is still under contract until 2024, which doesn’t oblige his club to sell him this summer.

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Seko Fofana told me they were rarely ready so early: Samba

According to the former OM goalkeeper, Seko Fofana was very impressed with the performance of his team mates during the match against the Italian club. A statement that gives a first clue to Seko Fofana’s desire to stay in Lens?

“In any case, I feel good about the group. Previously, Seko Fofana told me they were rarely so ready, in advance. So I think it bodes well. We will have to confirm against West Ham because at that moment we will be very close to the championship. But we still have some automatisms to find ” Brice Samba – Source: Zona Mista (23/07/22)

Market: I’m still in talks between OM and Fenerbahçe for Luan Peres

After announcing that Luan Peres was about to leave, Foot Mercato backtracked … Provence, however, indicates that discussions are not interrupted between the three parties!

Luan PERES during the Ligue 1 OM Bordeaux 2021 match

Olympique de Marseille must be active from the start after recruiting several players. According to Foot Mercato, Luan Peres is in fact in talks with Fenerbahçe. The specialized media went back a bit on words saying that the Turkish club has checked the name of another Brazilian defender.

Provence has more information! Asked on Twitter by a Marseille fan, Alexandre Jacquin said that discussions between Olympique de Marseille and the Turkish club have not stopped. Negotiations are still underway for the defender’s farewell.

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Ribalta will handle the sales – M.Grégoire

“Pablo Longoria considers Javier Ribalta to be one of his references in football,” he said in an interview in Provence in December 2020. A reference with Fabio Paratici the former Juventus sporting director, today of Tottenham. Ribalta is his friend, I think he surrounds himself, he has improved his defense, I think Ribalta will deal in particular with sales. We have seen that Luis Henrique is already very active on the Luis Henrique card at Turin with his Italian goals, because we have to get out of the players, I think he will lift Longoria of some tasks but then in the profile in fact there is something quite similar, focused on Longoria, but maybe Longoria thinks he has a lot to do as president, he doesn’t like it very much, interviews, meetings with Benoît Payan, renting is not his favorite area. Longoria thinks Ribalta can go back to the heart of the work as business architecture, things like that. Personally I think it is modern football. I compare Longoria to Luis Campos (PSG technical director) and Ribalta is a bit like that too, they have their strengths and weaknesses. Their qualities are that sometimes they will bet on a player who is about to explode, on a great talent, also they are managers of the new generation who work a lot with mandates, with always the same agents with commissions, it is the team of Campos in Lille, the we have seen with the transfer of Victor Osimhen where there are things poorly explained. In my opinion there are positive and negative sides, I do not judge it, I just say that it corresponds to modern football. But, whether it’s Longoria or Ribalta, it’s fine to make the transfer window, they are specialists but there are positive and negative sides. ” Mathieu Gregorio – Source: Marseille Football Club (06/27/2022)

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