Will the president give up the salary increase? | Abdulkadir SELVİ


But I have to speak because the perception operation is done on the president’s salary.

I apologize to our people who are trying to live on a low pension or struggling to live on the minimum wage.

The real problem is theirs. It is they who suffer the true sustenance. It doesn’t matter how much your wages are raised.

We are discussing an increase in the President’s salary, but the Presidency is not made for the salary. The honor of being president of a country like the Republic of Turkey is enough for everything.

I see what is written and drawn about parliamentary salaries as cheap populism.

However, with the additional budget, the suggested 20.2% increase in the president’s salary is high and every day on the podiums, the people go hungry. KilicdarogluI’ll be content not to mention the cumulative 83% increase in salary.



In the supplementary budget, “For programs that contain the economic codes of ‘personnel expenses’ and ‘State contributions to Social Security institutions’ in the budgets of public administrations within the scope of central government, 40.5 percent of the initial allocations and 20.2 percent percent of the initial allocation of the economic code ‘presidential appropriation’ are allocated. is called.


Matter Let’s talk about the item…

1- As included in the supplementary budget, the allocation allocated to the President increases by 20.2 percent.

two- I drew attention to the 20.2% increase with the additional budget. I didn’t get into the numbers on the president’s salary. Now I want to give that detail as well.

3- The initial allocation allocated to the President for the year 2022 is 1 million 209 thousand TL.

4- The new presidential allocation, increased by 20.2 percent with the additional budget, amounts to TL 1,453,218.

5- president Erdogan He did not want a salary increase in 2022. In the first 6 months, he received a gross salary of 100K 750 TL. Equivalent to 62 thousand 500 TL net.


6- With the increase in the additional budget, the allocation to be used for the second 6 months is 848 thousand 718 TL.

7- When this fee is divided by the remaining 6 months, the projected monthly gross amount increases to 141 thousand 453 TL. Erdogan will pay an income tax of around 40%.

8- This rate is not annual, but the increase in the last 6 months corresponds to 40.4 percent.

KILIÇDAROGLU he will give up

9- Bring the president’s salary to the agenda and say that the people go hungry every time they get on the podium. Kilicdaroglu how much does he earn in salary?

10- Kilicdaroglu receives both the parliamentary pension and the parliamentary salary. He has a monthly income of over 60K TL. With the increase in July Kilicdarogluthe monthly salary, pension, allowance and travel allowance will exceed TL 80,000 net. Party leadership is not done for a salary. I don’t think it’s a high salary for a party leader. But since they talked about the president’s salary increase, I wanted to remind you.


11th- president Erdogan He didn’t want a raise in his salary for the first 6 months. ErdoganBringing the 20.2 percent increase in Kilicdaroglu benefited from the 30.95 percent increase at the beginning of the year. It will now also benefit from the 40.5% increase. So KilicdarogluThe company salary will increase cumulatively by 83%. Kilicdaroglu Why is he not opposed to an 83% increase in his own salary and an income of more than 80,000 lire?


The presidency is not made by salary. But former presidents, former prime ministers, the speaker of parliament and former deputies receive raises in line with the president’s salary increase. If the president says he doesn’t want a raise in my salary, retired deputies, family members of former presidents and the Speaker of Parliament will be affected. so president Erdogan will he give it up? It is at the discretion of the President. But what if our people say they don’t want a pay raise when they’re in so much trouble? As happened in early 2022..



ANKARAPolitics almost stopped, Pinar Gultekin decision is discussed. There was great political sensitivity. Who I talk to is uncomfortable with the unfair reduction of the sentence. Chief among them is the Minister of Justice. Bekir Bozdag is coming.

Pinar Gultekinwho took him to the vineyard house, beat him to death, then put him in a barrel and burned him alive, then poured concrete into that barrel, tried to destroy the criminal evidence in a professional manner. Cemal Metin AvciThe unfair provocation discount applied to .

What incentive discount? who couldn’t help but be burned alive Pinar GultekinI wonder what unfair provocation is thought?


Furthermore, the acquittal of his family, who assisted him in the destruction of criminal evidence, stands before us as a separate legal murder.

We will see in the reasoned decision of the court. Court in the Judgment Process Pinar GultekinI wonder if he was able to determine what unfair provocation he was doing?

Is it such an innocent act to kill a woman, burn her alive and pour concrete on her?


Minister of the Family Derya Yanikannounced that they will take the case to appeal so that the killer receives the heaviest punishment. Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdaginside Pinar GultekinIt is stated that he is distraught over the decision regarding the murder of . However, he learned that the decision was not final, and that the appeal and appeal phases would have to be awaited.

Of course, I don’t know whether the HSK investigation will be launched against the court that made this decision, but the Minister of Justice. BozdagThe expectation is to take some action in the next few days.

Pinar Gultekin The decision wounded his conscience. But the biggest blow was the belief in justice. It needs to be repaired.

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