8 Foods and Drinks That Effectively Lower Cholesterol!

Cholesterol is a very common disease in the lives of many people. There Are A Few Side Effects, But Cholesterol Can Be Lowered With 8 Foods And Drinks!

8 Foods and Drinks to Lower Cholesterol!

There are several foods that can lower cholesterol levels in the body. However, some of them are more effective than others, which makes them even more useful.

Here we present 8 foods and drinks that will make your life easier!

beans to lower cholesterol

All of these foods are sources of soluble fiber.

The latter have several functions that eliminate certain levels of cholesterol after ingestion.

When consumed, they bind to cholesterol-rich bile salts and aid in their digestion and elimination from the body as they pass through the small intestine.

In this case, there is less bad cholesterol, “LDL”, because it is absorbed by the liver, which should produce more bile salts.

You can also eat half a cup of baked beans every day to lower your cholesterol levels in the long run.


It is a fruit that is quite commonly consumed due to its various nutrients required for the proper functioning of our body.

Apples are great for lowering cholesterol because they are low in LDL and high in fiber.

So, if you eat an apple a day, you will significantly reduce your score!

To help this, eat apples with the skin on, as this is where they contain the most nutrients!

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are known for their many benefits. Whether it’s due to their high content of good fats or proteins, you can consume them daily to improve your cholesterol levels.

They also contain fiber, minerals and vitamins that are essential for the proper functioning of our bodies and our organs.

In addition, if you eat nuts often enough, you can reduce your risk of heart disease.

They are very high in calories and should be eaten fairly lightly. In other words, limit yourself to a maximum of one cup a day.


This is a very rich food that can help you lower your cholesterol levels.

Oats and oat bran contain beta-glucan, a water-soluble fiber that helps lower blood levels of LDL cholesterol.

To do this, you should not eat too much, but enough. Therefore, consume at least 3 grams of oats per day to see a positive effect.

Green tea to lower cholesterol

Like most antioxidant-rich teas, green tea is an important ally in the fight against cholesterol.

In a program conducted by the International Journal of Nutritional Nutrition Sciences in September 2016, green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). In this program, perlite results showed that EGCG lowered LDL cholesterol by about 9 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) in 17 trials.

red grapefruit

We will only talk about red grapefruit here, which is a real remedy for cholesterol.

It can be consumed daily and is even recommended! Eating red grapefruit daily for a month has been proven to lower cholesterol levels by 20%.

Red wine (grape) to lower cholesterol

Please note, use in moderation!

Red wine is the main asset in the fight against cholesterol. But the point is not only in the drink, but also in the ingredients of which it consists.

In other words, it’s resveratrol, which is found in the red grapes from which red wine is made.

It also protects against coronary heart disease and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


This name is probably not familiar to you, but you use it regularly.


Indeed, it is an ingredient naturally present in many oils such as canola oil or olive oil. But also in many ingredients such as vegetables, nuts and grains.

Daily intake of plant sterols and stanols can lower LDL cholesterol levels by about 14 mg/dL, according to a review of 20 studies published in Atherosclerosis in May 2016.

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