Applications started for ‘Respect for History’

The Respect for History Local Conservation Awards, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality for the protection and restoration of historic buildings in the city and to create urban and local awareness, will find their owners this year after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. “Living in a historical building”, “Keeping traditional crafts alive in historical places”, “Easy repair”, “Massive repair by changing the original function”, for the competition open to all works related to İzmir, which protection and conservation heritage and contributes to this area. Applications are accepted in the categories “Significant repairs while preserving the original function”, “Labour”, “Contribution” and “Encouraging school projects for historical and cultural heritage”.

Award program awarded
The jury of the Europa Nostra Awards (European Cultural Heritage Awards), one of the world’s foremost conservation institutions, honored the “Respect for History Local Conservation Awards” in 2021 with an honorable mention.

Results will be announced on September 19th
Those wishing to participate in the 18th Respect for the History Local Conservation Awards to be held this year can obtain the 2022 specification and application forms at the website The Selection Committee meeting and study trip will take place from September 5-16, 2022. The results will be announced on the competition website on Monday 19 September.

Selection committee members were determined
In the Respect for History Local Conservation Awards Competition, the members of the selection committee; ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments and Sites) International Vice President, Yıldız Technical University Architecture Department, Restoration Department Teacher Prof. dr. Dr. Zeynep Gül Ünal, Faculty of Arts of Hacettepe University, Department of Art History Lecturer Prof. Dr. Serpil Bağcı, Ege University Faculty of Arts, Department of Archeology, Department of Protohistory and Pre-Asian Archeology Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Haluk Sağlamtimur, Conservation Planning and Cultural Heritage Management Specialist, UCLG Adviser, Board Member of Europa Nostra Turkey Dr. Haluk Sağlamtimur Ayşe Ege Yıldırım, Former President of Europa Nostra Turkey, M. Architect and Restoration Specialist Burçin Altınsay, Urban Planner Önder Batkan, M. Architect and Restoration Specialist Salih Seymen, Izmir Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration Teacher. To see. Dr. Kerem Şerifaki, İzmir Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban and Spatial Planning, Dr. Instructor Zeynep Elburz, Ege University Faculty of Arts, Department of Archeology, Department of Classical Archeology Res. To see. dr. Onur Zunal, Manisa Celal Bayar University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Art History Res. To see. It consists of Tülin Yenilir.

Price categories:
Award for living in a historic building

Despite the changes brought about by the urbanization process, it will be given to the owners of the building, which is determined by the jury, which preserves and maintains its historical structure within the boundaries of the urban municipality of Izmir and continues to use it with its original function , and that it has succeeded in preserving the building as much as possible. The building must have the characteristics of a preserved cultural asset.

Survival of Traditional Crafts in Historical Place Award
This award is given to craftsmen (weaver, coppersmith, felt maker, saddler, nali maker, leather maker, etc.) the scope of intangible local cultural heritage. Candidates must possess rare knowledge that has enabled craft practice and survival for at least 15 years, trained in a master-apprentice relationship and sustaining the vanishing craft.

Big repair prices
The preservation and restoration of the buildings with their original space facade arrangement, construction technique, materials, decoration elements and details, plot elements (outbuilding, swimming pool, well, wall, floor covering, tree, arbor, etc.) will be taken as a basis. The transformation that has been implemented due to the change of function should make it possible to maintain and read the building-lot relationship and the inside-outside organization of the building.

Labor price
This prize is awarded to masters or teams of masters whose efforts contribute to production by preserving and masterly preserving the traces of a building tradition that exists from the past to the present, in applications made in the category “Preservation practices in a single scale”.

Contribution Award in Preserving the Historic Environment and Cultural Heritage
This award; It will be given to works that address the issue of preserving the historical environment and cultural assets with a concrete product through written and visual works related to the local context of Izmir, creating a platform for public discussion , opening the horizon and taking care of this all together. Bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and graduation theses, articles, procedure book, paper CD and similar scientific works will not be nominated for the prize.

Incentive prize for school projects on historical and cultural heritage
In this category, student studies prepared at the primary and secondary level are assessed. The prize is awarded to the relevant school. It was established as the main goal to honor the efforts of children and young people led by the educational institution to which they are associated to develop their sensitivity to historical heritage and the environment, to create and disseminate a culture of conservation. This category evaluates exhibitions, school magazines, documentaries, research, drama, dance, poetry activities and similar written and visual products.

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