CONFARTIGIANATO STUDIES – 24.5% tourist attendance in August. Signs of a revival in tourism demand, influenced by 200,000 craft enterprises

In the summer of 2022, the tourism sector continues to make up for the unprecedented losses caused by the pandemic, despite the lingering threats to the economy from Ukraine’s protracted war, inflation and tensions in commodity and energy prices. In 2021 travel expenses from abroad in our country it amounts to EUR 21.3 billion and grows by 22.7% during the year, while in the first four months of 2022 there is a gap of -22.9% compared to the corresponding period of 2019. Italians spending abroad amounted to EUR 12.6 billion in 2021 and increased by 32.0% compared to the previous year, while in the first four months of 2022 there is a gap of 31.4% compared to the same period in 2019.

In terms of income the annualized value for the first quarter of 2022 in services exceeds 2019 levels by 4.6%, with still a distinct delay for tourist services, accommodation and catering which overall shows a 23.3% drop in revenue compared to pre-pandemic; in detail, travel agents and tour operators are most affected, down 65.1%, while overnight stays by 23.7% and food services by 14.1%.

The latest ENIT findings also show that saturation of structures reserved by the online channel compared to August it is 24.6% in Italy, and among the main competitors it is only 26.3% behind Greece, Spain 19.4%, and France 12.7%, with which we compete in the EU for the dominance of summer presence. The international flight reservations to Italy in August there are 472 thousand. (+ 161% annually) and is second only to 597 thousand. with a destination to Spain (+ 92% per annum). In addition, the analysis searches made online in June, on the subject of travel, he emphasizes that Italy and France are the most sought-after European countries: in detail, Italy is the focus of greatest interest from Germany, Britain and the US, with Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Catania being the most sought-after cities.

It is known that August is the month with the highest number of tourist presence: in the three-year period 2019-2021 in Italy, attendances in August account for 24.5% of the total, exceeding 20.4% of the EU average. Our country ranks second in the EU in terms of number tourist presence in August with 229 million for 246 French; the ranking is repeated in the summer June-September, with 620 million tickets, against 641 million in France.

Handicrafts in sectors affected by tourism demand – Foreign travelers’ expenditure in Italy is concentrated at 41.0% on accommodation, while the remaining 59.0%, equal to EUR 12.5 billion, covers passenger transport – provided by residents within the country – catering and purchasing artisanal and manufactured goods. Italy. Overall, it is a basket of goods and services where quality matters, perpetuating the high reputation of Italy’s tourist offer.

The craft companies are the main players in this segment of activity: craft enterprises at the end of the first quarter of 2022 activities influenced by tourism demand there are 198,912, which is 15.6% of the national craftsmanship. In sector key the most important industry is clothing and footwear, with 41,459 companies (20.8% of the total), followed by other manufacturing and service activities with 38,743 companies (19.5%), a sector that includes an important craft activity in the field of photography, binding , jewelery and imitation jewelery, ceramics and glass, artistic processing of marble, iron, copper and metals, animal care, wellness centers and gyms. The next items are agri-food with 37,561 entities (18.9% of the total), transport with 33,935 entities (17.1%), restaurants and pizzerias with 31,203 entities (15.7%), bars, cafes, 14,510 (7.3%) and the remaining 0.8% are 1,501 entities running recreational, cultural, entertainment, accommodation, press, guidebooks and publishing activities.

Territorial analysis stresses that in the south, crafts accounted for 18.6% of total crafts in the south, while a minimum of 10.3% in the northwest. between regions Sicily 21.9%, then Tuscany 20.0%, Campania 19.6%, Sardinia 18.8%, Marche 18.5%, Calabria 18.3%, Lazio 17.3% , Puglia from 16.2% and Basilicata from 15.7%.

DOWN provincial level Tourist handicrafts account for about one-third of the total craftsmanship in the territory of Prato (37.9%) and Fermo (31.2%), followed by, with a weight over one-fifth, Palermo (24.5%), Agrigento (23, 4%),%), Florence (23.2%), Catania and Reggio Calabria (both with 22.1%), Arezzo (22.0%), Caltanissetta (21.7%), Messina (21.6% ), Naples (21.4%), Syracuse (21.3%), Trapani (20.7%) and Enna (20.1%).

Complete data in the Statistical Annex “Craft enterprises in sectors covered by tourism demand by regions and voivodships in 2022”.

A breakdown of foreign travelers’ spending in Italy by category and division

2021. Percentage composition and millions of euros – Study by the Research Department Confartigianato on the data of the Bank of Italy

Composition of craft enterprises in sectors subject to tourism demand by sector

Q1 2022 Percentage composition of 198,912 active craft enterprises – compiled by the Research Department of Confartigianato based on data from the Marche Chamber of Commerce

Importance of artisanal enterprises in sectors affected by tourism demand by region

Q1 2022,% of total active craft enterprises – Processing by the Confartigianato Research Bureau based on data from the Marche Chamber of Commerce

42 voivodships with a higher than average weight of craft enterprises in sectors affected by tourist demand

Q1 2022,% of total active craft enterprises – Processing by the Confartigianato Research Bureau based on data from the Marche Chamber of Commerce

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