Five Restaurants to Enjoy Parisian Life in August


In the chic Hotel Nolinski, located in the heart of Paris – at the address of the owner of the luxury hotel Evok (Brach, Cour des Vosges, Sinner or Grand Hôtel Palais royal) – it is the restaurant that will attract attention, because it employs the talent of prestigious chef Philippe Chronopoulos, who also operates the nearby Palais Royal restaurant (two stars).

Dining room of the Nolinski restaurant to fully enjoy Mediterranean flavors from Chef Chronopoulos. | Guillaume de Laubier

Trained at the Paul Bocuse Institute and later by Joël Robuchon, the chef is of Greek descent and has Mediterranean inspirations in his creations: in this freeze-dried lamb skewers, in these herb and feta ravioli, in this exquisite homemade tarama, seasoned with black truffle, or in this organic salmon cooked in ceviche or caramelized and served with fried cauliflower.

This unique chef’s cuisine is characterized above all by his great respect for the taste and texture of foods (often cooked raw, by the way) and by a very personal originality that never disappoints.

Spaghetti with lobster. | Guillaume Cherv

16, avenue de l’Opéra, 75001 Paris. Tel.: 01 42 86 10 10. Menu about 78 euros. Close on Sunday.

Clooney House

La Maison Cluny – chic bistro at Ve Parisian district, located between the Sorbonne and the Cluny Museum. After ten years at Le Cornichon, Chefs Franck Bellanger and Mathieu Najjar offer a menu of fresh, seasonal produce that is regularly updated.

Inside the restaurant, which exudes a friendly atmosphere, we appreciate the old-fashioned parquet and green benches. The taste of the cellar run by Franck is remarkable, and in the kitchen Matthieu Bellanger stands out for its mostly Mediterranean register.

We can only recommend sweet lamb fritters accompanied by raw rhubarb stalks, which can be enjoyed as an appetizer, grilled loin with anchovies (22 euros) and roasted scorpion and its caponata (24 euros).

To fully enjoy the coming August and feel like on vacation, there are also several snacks on the menu, in particular the excellent crispy socca from Nice with French fries (8 euros).

Sea bass fillet fried on the skin and chilled caponata. | Clooney House

To round off your meal, the menu offers perfectly aged cheeses and desserts such as gourmet rice pudding, vanilla and nougatina (€10). House of Trust.

3, rue Cluny, 75005 Paris. Tel.: 01 56 81 82 53. Menu about 50 euros. Terrace. Closed Sunday and Monday.


Restaurant Anona, 8the the district of the capital offers exquisite, ethical and sustainable cuisine, which, according to young chef Thibault Spivak, would make it “Probably the most sustainable restaurant in Ile-de-France.” The menu features local, seasonal products from short circuits, while the main focus of the restaurant is waste reduction and green energy.

The comfortable dining room of the institution also reflects this desire. The decor is laconic, large bay windows give visitors a view of the street, and the tables are decorated with grass – there are no flowers there, the chef refuses to pull them out of the ground.

Having gone through the school of Ferrandi, then George V with Philippe Legendre and Eric Briffard, with Alain Senderens at Lucas Carton for a year, Jules Verne’s sous-chef at the Eiffel Tower, Thibaut Spivak offers a French fusion that is responsible, creative and daring.

Duck kromeskis and aioli. |

Thoughtful, intelligent and appetizing menu offers unexpected combinations. For example, it has been proposed duck cromesquis enhanced with garlic aioli; grated chicken, smoked eel, poured with dashi broth; the perfect organic egg topped with fried onions, carrots, bacon and a dash of celery.

For lunch each day, Pastry Chef Jimmy Cappezzone also offers a cart of homemade desserts, including strawberry tart or creamy lemon, lemon balm and shortcrust pastry.

Perfect organic egg, fried onion confit. | Courtesy of Patrick Faus for Gourmets&Co

Lunch menu from Tuesday to Friday for 39 or 45 euros, introductory menu (five courses) for 75 euros, tasting menu (seven courses) for 95 euros.

80 Boulevard Batignolles, 75008 Paris. Tel.: 01 84 79 01 15. Card from 46 to 70 euros. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Bridget Restaurant

The large terrace of the Brigitte restaurant: here you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Overlooking Avenue de Villiers, this elegant bistro offers a warm welcome from waiters wearing aprons and service brilliantly managed by Charles-Henri Poisson, always very refined when it comes to food and wine pairings.

The terrace of the Brigitte restaurant allows you to enjoy the summer heat. | Bridget Restaurant

As for the cuisine, the menu of Tanguy Le Gall corresponds to the seasons, the meat is tasty and perfectly cooked – we especially recommend the beef ribs with Béarnaise sauce (34 euros).

Back of wild sea bass, virgin sauce. | Bridget Restaurant

As an appetizer: red beetroot millefeuille with brown crab meat (18 euros), scallop carpaccio with black perigord truffle (27 euros). As a main dish, the already mentioned beef rib, crispy sweet bread patty, morel cream (35 euros), and for dessert Monsieur Paul waffles, homemade whipped cream and chocolate (12 euros), fried Komis pear, ice cream with thyme (13 euros ).

Crispy sweet buns and Roscoff onion compote. | Bridget Restaurant

Lunch formula 25 euros, menu 29 euros.

16, avenue de Villiers, 75017 Paris. Tel: 01 47 63 25 61. Closed in August, except Sundays.

Good George

Benoît Duval-Arnaud has been the enthusiastic owner of Le Bon Georges since 2013. After his first professional life away from the restaurant business, he decided to open a bistro because it “A work of passion in which we give love”.

Le Bon Georges has bistro charm in its own juices. | Good George

Behind the stove is Chef Loic Lobet, a culinary expert. His royal hare – on the menu for only one month a year, the chef prepares only October hares – requires three weeks of preparation, about 75 liters of wine, as well as several bottles of cognac and armagnac. Then a long simmer gives the sauce a special texture.

Also not to be missed is the pâté in mole or the Belle Aurore pillow. As for the dessert, please note that the chocolate mousse is prepared before each service twice a day so that the cold does not harm it.

Organic Pork Chop Bourdonnay, Corn and Roasted Celery. | Stefan Riess

An old-fashioned shop window, wooden tables, slate menus… Le Bon Georges is a typical Parisian bistro, still in its original state. But it is also the place where you can quench your thirst in the best way: the restaurant offers one of the best wine lists in the capital.

Tartlet with figs, almond cream and curd sherbet. | Stefan Riess

Lunch formula for 23 euros from Monday to Friday. Meals from 24 to 38 euros, a piece of meat per share from 45 euros.

45, rue Saint-Georges, 75009 Paris. Tel.: 01 48 78 40 30. Without closing.

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