Fuat Uğur – The cost of my electric tractor fight was closure and closure

Those who follow me and know me often ask the following question:

“You wrote a lot about the electric tractor. You recently stated that Ziraat Bank and tractor manufacturer Önder Yol are partners under the name Ziraat-Yol and are ready for production. Why didn’t it go into production?”

I haven’t been able to write down what happened and the truth until now, but one day, I’ll tell you about it when I can speak and write more comfortably. Let me just say, electric tractor is ready and waiting for production. Nonetheless President Tayyip Erdogan It cannot start production because it cannot be opened by the company. I don’t know why this opening isn’t made, what the obstacle is, and I can’t understand.

The electric tractor, which has been waiting on the line for a year and a half, recently received a new Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit KirişciIt was the order of the day again with the words of . journalists “When will the electric tractor go into production” they asked. radiator “The electric tractor is not in my area of ​​interest. If necessary, TOGG will make the electric tractor” he replied.

It was a very interesting answer.

However, with all its parts and pieces, LOCATION WITH SOFTWARE production of old tractors for electric as you know Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli He led.

President Erdoğan personally tested the field-produced prototypes twice. Because your electric tractor DIRECT RELATIONSHIP WITH AGRICULTURE there was.

But now we have learned that the electric tractor Dear Minister Vahit Kirişcithe “area of ​​interest” is not.

I wonder if the price increases of agricultural products are of interest to the minister in this period in which the farmer is harmed by the costs of inputs originated from diesel and the costs of fuel are always brought to the agenda in the production chain. However, if the electric tractor had arrived at the farmer a year and a half ago, everything would have been very different.

Anyway, President Tayyip Erdogan After testing the electric tractor twice, things accelerated, but we also saw that Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank with industrialists producing diesel tractors get together and talk to them about the electric tractor. However, none of the participants of this meeting does not have the scientific infrastructure or human capacity to produce the SOFTWARE of such a tool.

when you learn this Why was Önder Yol, the industrialist who already produced the electric tractor, not invited to this meeting? I asked in two letters. The answer came with a strong rebuttal and told me “shooter” insulted the minister. Not only that, he filed a lawsuit.

The local court rejected the damages lawsuit brought by Minister Varank against me. “Freedom of thought and expression” in the frame of refused. Because there were no insults and misinformation in my article. It was an article criticizing Varank’s attempts at his negative attitude towards the electric tractor. It was an analytical article, not a news article. But Varank, appealing the case, With a decision that could be considered a legal scandal, on compelling grounds in the Court of Appeal. He managed to solve this case in your favor.

If you read the following part of the interesting reasons written in the decision, you will understand:

“In line with the above explanations, when the publication object of the process is evaluated as a whole, the in a news story on the internet, based on that news without investigating its veracity, the allegations that are the subject of the case come to light, while the veracity of the event can be obtained with a simple search, without any research. transmitted contrary to visible reality…”

However, information about this meeting, diesel tractor manufacturers They shared it on their social media. And when freedom of the press and personality values ​​clash, the two conflicting values ​​cannot be protected at the same time, and for that reason. PUBLIC INTEREST was observed. But in the public interest “personal value”The person mentioned must have been insulted and slandered. none of these exist.

It was already an expected result for me. There is no state power or legal power behind me. Minister Varank issued a mortgage foreclosure decision and started an enforcement process to collect 21,650 lire.

I have been in this profession for almost 40 years. When I started, Varank was probably two or three years old. I fought with my teeth and nails. Ever HALAL MONEY I won. Not a penny went down my throat that I didn’t deserve. But Mustafa Varank didn’t deserve the money he would get from me. this money for him If it’s HALAL MONEY think again.

Of course, I’ll do what I can to pay that money so the pledge doesn’t come. What did he do, what did he want to do, “its relationship with the concept of freedom of thought and expression”I know very well what the level is. Those who don’t know will painfully learn the truth when the time comes. Isn’t it always like this?

I would like to share the links of these articles with you, but I cannot share them with you because Varank managed to remove my articles from the internet with the support of supreme justice and court decision.

Finally, I would like to say this. To Minister Varan “shooter” because he said defamation lawsuit I didn’t. anyway The outcome would not be in my favor. In fact, this result proved that I acted correctly.

But I would like to express here that so far I was never anyone’s trigger. I wrote what I believe. I’m still paying the price for being an idealist. President Tayyip ErdoganI found out and started supporting. This will always go on.

But I will continue to say and write what I think is wrong and mistakes as long as I can.

So, that’s my nature.

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