He copied hotel websites and sold vacations! Process filed, request for record arrest

A lawsuit has been filed against 12 members of a criminal organization that cloned the websites of many famous hotel and tourism companies operating in Turkey and sold fake vacation packages to people they targeted through the fake tourism companies they created, with request. of imprisonment from 18 to 576 years. In the indictment, it was claimed that fugitive Kuzey Engin Karadağ, nicknamed ‘Abraham Lincoln’, who had 394 separate criminal records and 179 arrest warrants, led the organization from the Netherlands.


Zeynep E., who lives in Ankara, filed a complaint with the Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office claiming that he learned that the holiday package he bought from a well-known tour company was fake in August 2021, and that he had been defrauded of 17,500 lire. . In the investigation conducted by the Public Ministry, it was found that hundreds of people were similarly defrauded, that the fraudsters were working in an organized manner and that they received their instructions from Kuzey Engin Karadağ, who was found in the Netherlands. Mustafa Baysal, İlyas Kara and members of the Müslim Toygar Baysal organization, İsmail Karabulut, Ramazan Sezer, Bilal Karataş, Hüseyin Nurver and Mehmet Şentekin, allegedly responsible for the organization in Turkey, were caught in the operation carried out by the Anti-Crime Branch teams Funds from the Ankara Police Department on the instructions of the Prosecutor’s Office. Organization leader Kuzey Engin Karadağ, Ali Baysal and Battal Baysal were not captured. While suspects Mustafa Baysal and İlyas Kara were arrested, 7 people were released on condition of judicial control.



The Public Ministry filed an indictment against 12 people as a result of the investigation. The indictment included 32 plaintiffs who were defrauded by the same method as plaintiff Zeynep E. It was claimed that hundreds of people were defrauded by the same organization, and different investigations were carried out against members of the organization in the prosecutor’s offices in many provinces in addition to Ankara. In the indictment, it was explained that through hackers working with the organization’s leader, Kuzey Engin Karadağ, first of all, hotels had fake websites produced and, by advertising in search engines, made fake websites stand out in the engine. of research. It has been reported that people who want to take an early vacation opportunity are persuaded that they enter fake websites and when they call the phone numbers here they are told that there is an extra discount on prices. It was reported that after depositing money into the account numbers provided, the so-called reservation code was given to customers, and that some people realized that they were swindled when they went to the hotel for a vacation before heading to the hotel.



In the indictment, it was stated that Mustafa Baysal and İlyas Kara had established 7 different contract tour companies on behalf of other people, most of whom were relatives, and the phone numbers were obtained in the name of these companies and these numbers were written on the cloned sites. It was stated that while defrauded people thought they were looking for the hotel or tour company they knew, they fell into the net of the network. ‘Mozaik Otelcilik ve Tur. Ins. Singing commitment. Ltd. Sti.’ It was reported that he went to the accounts taken on his behalf. It was explained that this money was sent to bank accounts opened in the name of other contracted companies, converted into foreign currency and transferred to accounts abroad.


In the indictment, it was stated that the organization’s manager and members communicated with the WhatsApp group they used, the sales group established as a fake call center was called ‘Sales xxl’ and the people in the WhatsApp group established with that name used the names of former US presidents as a codename. It was claimed that the organization’s leader, Kuzey Engin Karadağ, used the name ‘Abraham Lincoln’ but introduced himself as ‘Mustafa’ or ‘Ali’ to people he spoke to for Islamic hotel reservations and used the name ‘Bora’. on other reservations.

In the indictment, it was stated that there were determinations that fugitive Kuzey Engin Karadağ, nicknamed ‘Abraham Lincoln’, who has 394 separate criminal records and 179 arrest warrants, is in the Netherlands. It was also reported that most of the whistleblowers, whose depositions were taken, confessed that Montenegro, whom they spoke to again after realizing they had been defrauded, confessed to being a fraudster and that they hung up after making heavy statements against statesmen and Turkey.



The Public Ministry imposed a prison sentence of up to 576 years for the organization’s leaders, the fugitive Kuzey Engin Karadağ, and arrested Mustafa Baysal and İlyas Kara, whom he held responsible for defrauding 32 people, on charges of ‘fraud using information systems as tools of banks or credit institutions” and “create an organization with the aim of committing a crime”. For the remaining defendants, depending on the facts in which they were involved, prison sentences of at least 18 years were required for 2 crimes in varying years.

The charge was accepted by the Ankara Heavy Criminal Court and a lawsuit was brought against 12 people, 3 of whom were fugitives.

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