Holidays in Greece: 10 dishes to try

Dishes with Greek cuisine They are perfect to diversify the table during the summer: colorful, fresh and often served in more than generous portions. Be part of Mediterranean culinary tradition ensures that the Greek menu is characterized by great variety, with the ingredients of the most typical dishes varying from vegetables down fishand also from cold cuts down cheeses. In addition, recipes and daily meals are never lackingolive oil. Although the geographical extension of mainland Greece and its numerous islands allows you to find a variety of dishes, the menu always includes classics, from Corfu to those of Rhodes: first of all, the famous M.oussakaflan made of layers of minced meat, eggplant and béchamel, but also T.stops, yoghurt cream with a garlic and cucumber flavor. Then add and D.olmadakiagrapevine leaf rolls stuffed with rice and vegetables, some versions with the addition of meat, and P.ang gyrosor pita bread filled with strips of roasted meat, onions, sauces and fried potatoes. They are also known S.ouvlakia dish consisting of marinated and then grilled meat skewers and a classic Greek salad, served with a slice of feta on onion, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives. It is impossible to find in coastal areas octopusin a stewed, grilled or baked version. But in addition to these classics, you will have the opportunity to taste many other traditional dishes during your holiday in Greece. Here are ten, perhaps lesser known than the previous ones, but absolutely worth trying to deepen your Greek dining experience.

  1. Broad bean. Over there broad bean this is mezedes, which is one of the Greek starters that are shared by dinners sitting at the table. It is about dried broad beans puree very easy to find especially on southern islandsbut it is still considered one of the typical dishes Santorini. Over there broad bean it is often accompanied by raw onion quarters and is ideal to be eaten with slices of soft pita bread.
  2. Cheese saganaki. Cheese saganaki this is thick piece of cheese which is cooked in the pan so that you get two crunchy and super tasty ends. It is served with olive oil and fresh herbs, and in some versions it is also breaded and cooked like real fried cheese.
  3. Feta but apple trees. Over there feta is a ubiquitous food in Greece that is used both fresh and cooked and prepared in a thousand different ways. One of them is feta but apple treesand sweet and sour dish which involves cooking this cheese in an oven in a shell puff pastry. Ready served with del honeywhich contrasts with the acidity of the feta and the sprinkles sesame seeds.
  4. Bougats. Those who are looking for a sweet product for breakfast in the morning, somewhat reminiscent of an Italian breakfast, can go in search bugatsaand Puff pastry filled with thick cream based on milk and eggs. Sold in bars and bakeries, it is additionally sweetened on the spot generously sprinkle with cinnamon and powdered sugar.
  5. Skordopsomo. The garlic bread it’s a very greedy dish that can be served to others as an accompaniment mezedes or as a side dish: it is thick toasted bread with the flavor of olive oil, garlic and aromatic herbs, covered with cheese flakes and then browned in the oven.
  6. Domatokeftedes.between mezedes they are often found on the menu fried meatballs, vegetables or cheese. They are tomato-based and have a texture more similar to pancakes than meatballs. Another very popular version is kolokithokeftedesinstead of tomatoes, the main characters are zucchini, along with a creamy feta filling. In both cases they are perfectly immersed in the freshest tzatziki.
  7. spinach cake. Over there spinach cake is a Greek dish that, at first glance, may resemble some types of savory pies: in fact it is puff pastry or filo stuffed with feta cheese and boiled herbsvery common spinach. Its characteristic feature is that thanks to the numerous layers of fragrant dough it is extremely crunchy on the outside, and the filling is soft and fluffy. There is also a morning in Greek ovens, offered as a spicy breakfast option.
  8. Kataifi. The kataifi this is to treat Greek, possibly derived from a Middle Eastern culinary tradition: it is a casket made of layers of crunchy noodles stuffed with nuts or other dried fruit and seasoned with a very sweet and hearty honey syrup. In some restaurants, it is often served to guests after a hearty meal.
  9. Skordalia. Another very delicious cream for dipping pita bread is scordaliaone mashed potatoes with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. It is often sprinkled with aromatic herbs to give it a touch of freshness.
  10. Turkish cake Revani. The revani this is sweet semolina cake with a consistency similar to our sponge cake, but thanks to the sauce based on a sweet lemon-flavored syrup, it is much softer and moist. The cake is soaked in it so you can see it coming out on your plate every time you put your fork on it. It is a very refreshing dessert, perfect to end a hearty meal that tourists expect during their holidays in Greece.

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