Manav Culture Museum will be established – Here is the Kocaeli newspaper

The introductory meeting of the Groenteboer Cultuurmuseum, organized in collaboration with the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and the Kocaeli Local Culture platform, took place in Portakal Hafız Mansion. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Balamir Gündoğdu, Deputy Secretary General Sadık Uysal, Deputy Secretary General Dr. Hasan Aydınlık, Faculty Member of Sakarya University, Assoc. Dr Tülin Çoruhlu, Museum Scientist Yeşim Kartaler, Chairman of the Kocaeli City Council, Ali Korkmaz, Head of the Women’s Section of the Kocaeli Platform for Local Culture, Melek Portakal Çeliköz, non-governmental organizations and citizens were present.


In recent years, publications on food and music culture have been prepared in the context of research and documentation of the rich cultures of the Manav Turks, which have great traces in the history of Kocaeli. Due to having a rich collection, especially in weaving, studies were started for the establishment of a museum. For this reason, the top floor of Portakal Hafız Mansion was planned as the Manav Culture House Museum. Secretary General Gündoğdu, who attended the meeting where he was introduced, said in his speech that Kocaeli’s moral values ​​were protected. Secretary General Gündoğdu said: “As Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, we attach great importance to supporting the work of our local cultures and fellow citizens’ associations at every opportunity, preserving and keeping alive our unique cultural heritage. We produce new projects with a participatory approach to preserve and transfer the rich cultural heritage of our city to our citizens.”


Gündoğdu mentioned that important steps have been taken in this context and said: “We continue to carry out important studies to keep alive and promote the rich culture of the Greengrocer Turks. To promote the folk music and folk instruments of Kocaeli, another important part of our city, we implemented the research project of Kocaeli regional folk songs, local musicians and local instruments.The project committee, composed of teachers from Kocaeli University State Conservatory, conducted studies in the villages of Kocaeli to study the folk songs, mani, village plays and to capture the oral culture traditions of Kocaeli Kocaeli Folk Songs, which are composed as a result of our work, both entered the TRT repertoire and we brought the album Kocaeli Folk Songs to life.


“Open the city, make a rose!” Gündoğdu recalled his promise, saying: “We kiss this will and put it on our heads, we accept it as a guide. Here we open Kocaeli to friendship, festival, brotherhood, unity and solidarity, culture and art, and abundance. We are planning to open the Portakal Hafız Mansion, in which we are located, in 2023 with a permanent exhibition and workshop activities that will ensure the continuation of the research and documentation works and where we can see the results of the first phase works. efforts of the Kocaeli Local Culture Platform leading us in studies on greengrocer culture are great, but their support is important for us in the future.Let’s start a comprehensive study together today by donating collections that reflect different aspects of culture, their contributions to oral history studies in the transfer of intangible cultural heritage, donations of photos from family albums and artifacts pen related to everyday life to the museum. present,” he concludes.


Sakarya University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr Tülin Çoruhlu said: “I am also a person from this region, Sakarya and Kocaeli have many common points. I’m happy to be involved in this project of the Metropolitan, we want to keep the greengrocer culture alive here. As we pass on our cultures to future generations, we also feel it is important to modernize them. We strive to modernize Kandıra cloth and make it usable today. There is a local culture and we want to keep this culture alive. We wanted to evaluate this mansion we are in as a greengrocer without any damage. We have found the rug, the carpet, we are together on this platform and think: why not transfer this area to the next generations, and not add it to a more modern area of ​​use today.”


Melek Portakal Çeliköz, Head of the Women’s Branch of the Kocaeli Local Culture Platform, who has contributed significantly to the works, said: “I am happy to be involved in activities promoting Kocaeli. The yellow area in the middle of the daisy symbol, the logo of our local Kocaeli platform, remind the local people of Kocaeli greengrocers, and the crowns of leaves reflect all the cultures in Kocaeli.In this project, we will fulfill our duty to transfer the greengrocer culture to future generations,” he said. During the program, Kocaeli City Council chairman Ali Korkmaz said: “We saw that the citizens long for their local culture, we are happy to be involved in these activities. We are happy that our city ​​is a local museum work. We will exhibit the local heritage in the historical site Portakal Hafız Mansion, which is a great honor for us.”

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