Mbappé’s “sincerity”, Qatar’s commitment, Messi’s “beautiful operation” … PSG CEO Jean-Claude Blanc takes stock

Rare in the media, the Parisian leader gives up In an interview with the podcast Pause.

A man in the shadows par excellence, Jean-Claude Blanc comes out of his usual reserve. The general manager of Paris Saint-Germain is in fact engaged in an interview granted to the podcast Pause , conducted by Alexandre Mars. In office since the arrival of Qatari on the banks of the Seine in 2011, the former president of the board of Juventus evokes in particular the commitment of QSI and the willingness of Qatar to continue investing in Paris. “It is not unlimited, it is treated as a strategic investment, like others have. It is totally led by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi (the president of PSG). It is he who guides it. I think that investment in football, and it is he who would talk about it better than me, combines passion, interest in this sport as a fan and the media power that football represents.“, Emphasizes the 59-year-old leader.

And to continue:After that I don’t want to do geopolitics with you, but I think PSG is undoubtedly in the right place among the investments made, given the formidable evaluation that the club has today.“, He notes, recalling that the Paris Saint-Germain was purchased for a sum between 50 and 100 million euros 11 years ago and is now valued between 3.2 and 3.5 billion euros, with a turnover of 700 million euros against 90 at the time. “It was a medium-sized club in a flagship city. We have made it a global brand“, He summarizes.

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I think the desire to build in Paris for a long time has been stated several times by Nasser

Jean-Claude Blanc

It remains to be seen how long emirate gas will continue to fill the Paris coffers, while there are those who envision a retreat after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. “We are building an absolutely extraordinary training center (…) which will be delivered in June 2023. An asset to sell? I have no indications in this direction. I think the desire to build in Paris for a long time has been stated several times by Nasser“, Insists Jean-Claude Blanc. Parisian fans can keep quiet … And Javier Tebas, they keep growling. Mr Blanc also believes that the dreams of some clubs, especially in Spain, of organizing a closed Super League, will remain in vain. “I don’t think he’ll come back, even if some keep thinking, getting a little nervous“, Guess, based on the new Champions League formula. “It’s too late, the machine is too big, too fast, too efficient for anything to replace it“, He says, while Real Madrid, Barça or Juve still believe in it.

Meanwhile, PSG continues its transformation, following the extension of Kylian Mbappé. There is talk of a real revolution this summer on the banks of the Seine. What role for Mr. Blanc? “I do everything except manage the daily life of the players, the coach and the sportsman, which is managed by the sports director“, he explains. As for the changes to be expected, these are”asking ourselves to be sure we have the necessary energy in the tank to supply the following season. With Nasser we try to adapt the organization after each season, we also know that stability is a guarantee of results. Between adaptation, reorganization, stability, you try to find the right balance, as a company, only you do this mechanic in front of everyone all the time“. First big change? The appointment of Luis Campos as Football Advisor in place of Leonardo. Following, the choice of the coach.

Mbappé the patriot

One thing is certain: Mbappé will be there. And Jean-Claude Blanc believes in the patriotic speech of the number 7 to justify his widely commented choice. “I think he is very sincere when he talks about this patriotic team and that winning in France and Paris has a different flavor than winning in another club.“, He declares, seeing”a very good signfor the club. “We saw the immediate impact, everyone immediately projected themselves into the next season and the following ones, saying to themselves: “This team, which gives us so many emotions, often positive, sometimes negative, we want to follow it, love it and we will do great. things together “.

A team that will also be able to count on a certain Lionel Messi, snatched from Barça last summer to everyone’s surprise. “It is a very beautiful operation, a somewhat dazzling, fast operation, an opportunity, a door that opens, Barcelona who cannot sign with him, limited by his own championship that puts him in constraints that he was convinced of knowing how to jump but that at the last moment does not jump, the player then becomes available and we are the fastest, the most relevant to move forward on this file“, Decrypts Mr. Blanc.

Messi, a global football icon and coming to integrate their brand within this global brand you are creating

And to add:In parallel, we immediately develop a commercial project around his arrival, how to generate additional income with a player who has to perform on the pitch but who is a world football icon and who comes to integrate his own brand within this global brand that you are creating. And how can you fully “exploit” this opportunity? I think we are quite skilled in the commercial part, the brand development. We were very efficient in the operation. ” It remains to be also on the ground, the Pulga after committing a relatively disappointing first season with the colors of PSG. To see if the next one will be satisfactory from a marketing and commercial point of view as in the green rectangle.

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