Meral Akşener’s Minimum Wage and Pension Exit! ‘The lowest…’

IYI party president Meral Akşener visited her party’s Süleymanpaşa district presidency in Tekirdağ, and after addressing the people gathered in front of the organization, she visited the merchants. In his speech, Akşener made notable statements about the minimum wage and pension.

Saying that he has been visiting merchants in provinces and districts with his friends since January 20, 2020, Akşener said: “What troubles, pain, what we saw in these merchants’ shops for 2.5 years. We share what we saw in these craft shops. and we told the aghas who ruled us, even we worked, this is a national property, take it, use it, realize it, let the problems of our nation and our citizens be solved 20-30 percent Some slept on their ears, others over the ears. It’s been a strange thing for a long time. Politics The people of Tekirdağ know that politics is about solutions. For the owners of these stores, we know that the customer is the benefactor. For a long time, voters stopped being benefactors to politicians. So they don’t listen to you, man. They don’t listen to your problems, man. If I walk away, accuse you of saying “Bucu” and “Bucu” and leave the neighbor to the neighbor, brother, sister and hang my coat, hang up my hat. You are the only ico who came out with m votes, you are the only one who received the bet. So what we’re trying to do is this. What we are trying to see is this. Did you hear those store owners say to their customers, ‘Why don’t you buy from me’, like a traitorous terrorist? But if you’re not a supporter of Mr. Erdogan, by Mr. Erdogan, you will be a terrorist, you will be a traitor. Therefore, he is the benefactor of the voter and the politician, just as the customer is the benefactor of the shopkeepers in relation to the goods they sell and the services they provide”, he said.


Saying that Tekirdağ is a beautiful province with agriculture, Akşener argued that nothing has been done about its development, growth and enrichment. Explaining that he encountered farmers and breeders wherever he went, Akşener said:

“They, they are crying now. She is crying because she took her pregnant cow to the slaughterhouse in town. She sends milk dripping from her udders to the slaughter and my younger brother, who has 7 cows, is having a nervous breakdown in A fatter brother in Kayseri mocked himself, but said, ‘Sister, I’m crying. I teach my cows to fast and my property to fast.’ Do you know what that means? It means I eat less, I get used to hunger. When I said that in Manisa, an AK Party administrator came to me and said, ‘Animals don’t fast.’ Of course he doesn’t fast. He who condemns animals to fast should be ashamed. What do you say when you’re ashamed of him? What I’m trying to say is. It’s the politician’s job to deal with his problems, see those problems, find solutions for them and then compete with you. I’ll serve you better. It’s the politician’s job to say yes. Otherwise, it’s not the politician’s job to wave the finger at you and say you’re a spy, I’m a spy, and this is a spy , playing with your moral and sacred values ​​and winning votes by pitting you against each other. Look, you will bring everyone like me here. You will hold hands and this harami order is halal at the polls. We will bury it in the polls and retire with your vows.”



Saying that young people from all over Turkey could not be nominated for him with a score of 86, and that his friends with a score of 62 were nominated, Akşener said, “Because he had relatives, he had an uncle. can be named. Why can’t you name my brother, why can’t you name? You took it out of the pockets of pensioners, farmers, women, these young people so that the Turkish currency wouldn’t devalue. They forgot it. They made us forget Now, the minimum pension is 2,500 lire. Even if they do, they don’t make half of it. We said that the minimum wage for a retiree should be as much as the minimum The minimum wage at the moment must be adjusted to today’s readjustments Therefore, the lowest pension must be equal to the minimum wage. They don’t do that bro, we’ll do it, I hope we hold hands.



Akşener stated that the farmer could not apply fertilizer in April and made the following assessment:

“He couldn’t get anywhere in Turkey. It’s expensive because, but do you know what happened? They took 24 billion lire from Telekom and put it in Hariri’s pocket. Our family friend and family friend Mr. Erdogan said that instead of bothering Hariri, I am retired, I am the farmer, I blame the young man, the housewife, the teacher who could not be named. Now the farmer goes first to the urn. He will say that I could not put fertilizer, I couldn’t buy medicine. They put 24 billion lira in Hariri’s pocket, he goes and plays the game. Every day there’s a raise, I go, the client doesn’t get it, people don’t get it. “The purchasing power of the people has fallen, But there’s a raise coming, so we’re going to send them all to retirement along with their halal votes at the polls of this government, which doesn’t think of you and doesn’t consider you a man, for that mentality. Hand in hand, let’s retire this haram system together.”



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