Prepare for crisis and new walks

State money is running out. We’re halfway through the year, the vault is full.

“This is announced by Tayyip Erdogan.”

How is it going?..

“Requesting additional quote.”

How much does he want?…

It has to be read correctly.

“It will come out 880 billion lire, but it wants 1 trillion and 80 billion lire with an additional budget that provides income.”

In other words, it is planned to generate 1 trillion 80 billion lire in revenue in the next six months.

What does that mean, who will this 1 trillion money come from?..

“Who will it be, from you to me!..”

Or get into debt.

How is he going to take that away from you? ..

“With new increases… Starting with electricity, with the increase in goods and services produced by the State, especially natural gas, gasoline and diesel… From the train to the subway, from tea to sugar, from bread to alcohol and cigarettes, whatever comes to your mind!…”

The current budget, which was approved at the end of December 2021, foresees a revenue of 1 trillion and 750 billion lire.


“The one-year budget has now almost doubled with the additional budget.”


With the additional budget requested alone, Erdogan actually admits:

“There is a deep economic crisis. So much so that money can’t take it anymore.

-Despite the crisis, waste in the state continues to a large extent, there are no savings measures.

– As you want an additional budget as much as the current budget, the annual inflation declared by TÜİK as 73 percent does not reflect reality, real inflation is around 85 to 90 percent.

In short, the AKP admits that it cannot govern the country with the support of the MHP, especially since the economy is mired.

spoon and ladle

According to TURKSTAT, the five-month inflation rate is 35.64%.

Thus, the expected rate of increase for workers and retirees on July 1 is 35.64 percent.

However, the supplementary budget negates this fee and leaves it behind.


“The rate of increase in employees and retirees on July 1 remains below real inflation. In other words, it’s an issue that employees and retirees are getting poorer. Contrary to what the AKP has been suggesting for years, ‘our dear people are ready to be crushed by inflation’ leave it there!..

– In addition, the demand for additional income in excess of 1 trillion will be met with further increases. So the pay raise he gave on July 1st will melt away again in a month or two at most.”

He will give it with a spoon and take it back with a ladle.


Vice President of the CHP Group Ozgur Ozel as he explained:

“Erdogan’s salary will increase by 40.4% to 141,453 lira.”

Two questions come to mind:

1-While he is making an increase of 40.4%, why is the increase for employees and retirees at 35.64%?..

2- Will the minimum wage increase by at least 35.64%?..

In addition to the salary increase, an additional allowance of 20.2 percent is requested for the presidential allowance.


The Minister of Treasury and Finance, who never kept anything, said. Nureddin Nabati still out of play. Looking at the additional budget…

The CHP spokesperson did the rest yesterday. Faik Oztrak completing:

“There is no boredom in the Minister of Treasury and Finance. ‘The Protected Currency Deposit (KKM) will not cost the Treasury a penny’ he was saying. However, they have paid 21 billion lire from the budget to the KKM so far. Now they have put an allocation of 40 billion lire to the KKM in the additional budget.”

Nabati, why are you deceiving us?

Are you thinking about resigning with the sparkle in your eyes?..

Nabati, can you be the most unsuccessful minister of treasury and finance ever?

“To ask for an additional budget as much as the current budget is to declare the bankruptcy of economic policy.”

The rest is history!


Where is Justice?.. Now enough!..

Not a day goes by that any decision of a court does not darken the conscience of society and show how difficult access to justice is!..

There are two separate decisions on the same day.

First, Pinar Gultekin justification for reducing the sentence given to the murderer at trial. Defendant Cemal Metin Avcı, who brutally murdered a young woman “unjustified provocation” The court, which applies the discount, reduces the life sentence to 23 years, the murderer will serve 14.5 years.

Unjust provocation?.. I mean, Pınar Gültekin provoked the murderer!.. Gültekin’s lawyer says, “There is no evidence to that effect.”

The court’s decision to reduce the sentence is not enough to signify a big reaction from society, with the old adage, “indignation” he creates. That is, it leads to anger and resentment.

On what basis does the court make such a decision, and society awaits an explanation from the Ministry of Justice.

Another shameful incident in the same case, for the mother of Pınar Gültekin, “Four years in prison for insulting the murderer” A lawsuit is open!

man really “Now comeeeee” she wants to scream.

The second question that darkens consciences is this:

“The Ministry of Transport does not allow the prosecution of TCDD officials in the high-speed train accident that resulted in the death of nine people in Ankara. The Council of State approves the disallowance.”

Even if people don’t scream “we want justice”, what would you say?..


Description of Feti Yıldız

In the article I wrote the other day about the censorship law, the vice president of the MHP, who prepared the proposal, Feti star posting explanation, I will summarize, but still long:

“There were even those who claimed that the law against disinformation would restrict freedoms, censor the press, bring news writers to court and even the holding of elections would be in jeopardy.

Your Excellency too!

Many legal rules are actually a code of ethics.

The borderless phenomenon of the Internet environment. The quick access facility allows for false and false information and content, which is presented as fifth column activities, to be received as it is given, to be received as shown, to be seen as shown.

Today, social media is often used to reach news and information, so new and different social media themed platforms are rapidly increasing. Along with these developments, new social and legal problems arose.

On the other hand, despite billions of dollars in revenue and private information from social media providers,

personal immunity,


As well as family protection,

It can be seen that they do not develop the preventive and protective mechanisms necessary to protect fundamental rights or do not adopt effective measures and resist the legitimate demands of the States.

It is the duty of the State to protect fundamental rights and freedoms.

To manage this dynamic process, new regulations were needed in this area.

The principle of certainty and legality of criminal law gives security to the individual.

The proposed penalty rule is open to discussion and arbitrariness.

As stated, there is no ambiguity in the definition of crime.

New regulations in cases where it is created illegally and shared with false names and accounts, used for the purpose of swearing, slandering or insulting, defaming, discrediting people with different political opinions, those they see as rivals in any field, religions and different nationalities. made it necessary.

The Internet has given rise to a difficult-to-control force in data sharing. The dissemination of false and misleading information in all fields causes serious damage to the life of society.

It is a crime to publicly disclose false information about the country’s internal and external security, public order and general health in a way that disturbs public peace, with the sole aim of creating anxiety, fear or panic among the public.

When assessing whether the limits of freedom of thought and expression, which are guaranteed by article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is considered part of our law, are not exceeded, these freedoms, which impose duties and responsibilities, are used to protect national security, territorial integrity or public security in a democratic society, criminalizing crime. protect the rights and reputation of others.

Freedom of expression is not an absolute right.

If there are elements required by law for the crime to occur, the agent is sentenced to a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years.

If the crime is committed while concealing the author’s true identity or within the scope of the activity of an organization, the base sentence is increased by half.

The Penal Code does not consider statements of opinion that do not go beyond the limits of the complaint and that are made for the purpose of criticism as a crime.

Both freedom of expression and dissemination of thought in the Constitution, as well as expressions that do not go beyond the scope of the report and that are protected in the Press Law and that are intended to criticize do not constitute the crime regulated in article 29 of this law. proposal.

The fact that the false information constituting the crime is objectively favorable to the disturbance of public peace. The perpetrator must pursue that goal subjectively.”

In summary, this is the explanation I have included out of respect for the right of reply.

While Feti Yıldız defends the proposal to which he has a serious contribution, he repeats what the AKP – MHP partners say, often living on social media. However, in my opinion, and as many lawyers say, it is a proposal that could have a very broad scope.

Although Yıldız says otherwise, the proposal is very open to ambiguous statements and therefore flexible applications. For this reason, it is in nature to put strong pressure on freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

Who is Yalçın Doğan?

Yalçın Doğan graduated from the German Secondary School in, 1969He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Istanbul University.

Republic in 1973 to journalismHe started out as an economics reporter. In 1981, he was appointed Representative of the Republic in Ankara.

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He wrote the books Turkey in the Claw of the IMF, Politics in the Narrow Street, Fenerbahçe Republic, The Savrulanlar and Sussam Susulmaz Yazmasam Olmaz, in which he compiled his memoirs, each containing original research. It was also published in German under the title Analysis of Fascism in the Communist International.There is a German and English speaking translation.

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