Released: 40% touch on pensions will be carried out

AK party vice president and Istanbul deputy Numan Kurtulmuş is answering questions from Serap Belet, Kürşad Oğuz and Kemal Öztürk about the agenda on Habertürk TV.

Numan Kurtulmuş used the following expressions in his speech:

“For many years, the world economy did not face this crisis. First, the heavy picture caused by the conditions of the pandemic, breaking supply chains. Dollar price increases in the world’s very important commodity markets such as energy, natural gas, oil, etc. We are in the process of the Ukraine-Russia war that broke out after the world economy went into turmoil over all of this. Even the United States even talked about a recession. The Fed has gone into a very unusual process by raising interest rates. He strives to overcome the difficulties he faces in Turkey’s economy. We focus our attention on three areas. One is to see fluctuations in exchange prices go into a certain course. The second is inflation, which is caused by both global price increases and exchange rates. Controlling inflation is the second area. However, on the other hand, the cost of living that our citizens face in doing so. Take steps to increase the income level of our citizens. Last year, we directly supported our citizens in energy and fuel. About 75 percent of energy expenses were covered by the state.

“40% touch on pensions will be carried out”

We are making efforts to increase the income of our citizens, giving up the taxes our citizens should pay and giving support. Including our retired workers in July. I think a touch close to 40 percent will be achieved. There are measures to be taken to reduce inflation in the medium term. What is urgent is that we see that our citizens are faced with a serious problem of purchasing power. For this, purchasing power must be sustained. Ensuring that more agricultural land is planted in the medium term. Our Minister of Agriculture made this statement. Lowering the prices of agricultural products. Making arrangements not only for loans, but also for the production of cheap land, in order to allow our low- and middle-income citizens to buy more comfortable housing. A very meticulous work is being done on them. In the near future, we need to provide measures to increase the purchasing power of families.

“From this summer we will feel relief”

The world economy and national economies are always intertwined. The process we are going through has brought the two dynamics very close together. If grain between Ukraine and Russia does not enter world markets, no economy can easily protect itself from it. It’s a matter of being predictable about the economy. We are going through a very dynamic process under current conditions. For example, Turkey’s performance in the first 5 months gave the budget a surplus of 124 billion. We are the country that still maintains budgetary discipline. Turkey is a country with a current account surplus excluding energy. Unfortunately, we are externally dependent on energy. We consider your own national coal movement, launched in 2018, to be very valuable. Our exports reached the level of 240 billion dollars. Employment has returned to its pre-pandemic period. When you look at it, Turkey is a country that exports and produces jobs. The main problem is the cost of living. We take steps in this direction without disturbing the balance. We will feel relief with these summer months, and a more permanent relief with the base effect in the following period. As far as cruise tourism is concerned, we’ve reached numbers that we haven’t been able to achieve for a long time. We see that hotels in Istanbul and Antalya are very busy. With the summer months, agricultural products began to follow a downward trend. In no way have we broken supply chains since the beginning of the pandemic process. No goods were sold in Turkey. It was expensive, there was volatility, but as a result, supply chains were not broken.

“The Turkish model that produces, increases employment and invests”

When we look at energy prices in foreign currency, they have increased in Turkey, but we cannot say that they have increased more than in the world. Either you will have oil and natural gas or your money will be reserve money. Your money is not reserve money, you have no oil and natural gas revenues. You financed 165 billion lire from the public so that it would not negatively affect the purchasing power of citizens. Everything that can be done here has been done to the fullest. It should be underlined that there is a new orientation in Turkey’s economy. You can’t just talk about interest, inflation, unemployment, exports, they are a whole. Turkey has made a choice since 2013. After leaving the IMF program, he went in one direction. A model of Turkey that produces, increases employment, encourages investment and increases exports.

“I hope it strikes a balance”

I say, ‘It is not desirable for Turkish currency to be too useless or too valuable’. It is not desirable for money to be too useless and excessively exported. I hope this strikes a certain balance.

“The bad neighbor made us UAV and SİHA owners”

I think this guideline is important. The other factors are somewhat balanced in their own balance. You are making a very fundamental and fundamental shift. What was thought, there was tremendous neoliberal understanding in the world. It is the understanding that we buy where we find it cheap and sell where we sell it dear. There were times when you couldn’t buy goods and services even if you had money. Especially for Turkey, there is no other choice but to stand. You have to be self-sufficient in grain and production. There are areas in Turkey that we should not give country names. There were countries where we imported corn and rice because it was cheaper. It was not the right path, and Turkey faced implicit embargoes in the sector. If there was no real embargo, there were times when machines were not sold so Turkey could not move forward. We became the owner of the UAV, SİHA through the bad neighbor. Turkey has waited in line outside the US for years. Just like they kept us busy with the F-35s… I see with pride that they produce in all fields of organized industries in Turkey. Turkey has gained momentum in production and exports. The important thing is to make it permanent. Once inflation and exchange rate volatility are eliminated, Turkey will have entered a very important route.

“We plan to increase this number to 300 billion lire in 2023”

One morning, the decision was not taken that such an economic program was started. This point has been reached step by step since 2013. The main question is not where we can find it cheap, but a model that can stand on its own. This is a political choice. In terms of economic policies. You can make changes to fiscal policies, you can make changes to monetary policies. These are carried out according to the conditions of the time, with the means at their disposal. Coin protected deposit etc. When you look at it like that, that direction is the right direction. The production-based economy approach is the right direction. Arrangements are made regarding fiscal and monetary policies. It is not taking from one group and never giving to another group. In the past 2021, the government subsidized 165 billion lire for heating and electricity for our citizens. He did it without screaming. By 2023, this number should reach 300 billion lire.

Before 2002, I was the Provincial President of Istanbul of the Virtue Party. I remember the cash register thrown in front of the late Ecevit like it was yesterday. I remember the shopkeepers protesting behind the Yeni Mosque in Mahmutpaşa, like a rally. We have nothing to compare to those days. It was not possible to talk about the global economic crisis that day. Today, however, the picture is different. There are serious pressures from the global economy, there are pressure factors from precious metals. Despite everything, the Turkish economy produces lively. Purchasing power is waning, of course, we see this as much as our friends in the opposition. With Allah’s permission, Turkey will easily come out of this difficult period.

“The ministry will decide on the appointment of teachers”

I cannot say that there will be as many teacher appointments compared to teacher appointments. The Ministry of National Education is the ministry that receives the number one part of the budget during AK Party periods. This will include teacher appointments. This question about the 2020 KPSS winners remains in reserve. This will be planned by the Ministry of National Education. There is no state in which all are civil servants, however plentiful they may be. A more dynamic economic model, which is correct, is that the private sector, along with civil servants, is a very dynamic stakeholder and employment is offered to young people. The private sector also creates serious jobs. Public employment seems to be ideal for our young people as it is considered a lifetime guarantee. The truth is that it is a beautiful mix.

“AET studies are also on the government table”

Studies are ongoing at EYT. I don’t want to tell a story and cause expectations, but as I said, this matter is on the government’s table.

There are absolutely no early elections on our agenda. This somehow forces the early elections to consolidate the opposition itself. There was no such conversation. Early elections are not on the agenda of the AK Party, the People’s Alliance or the government. I hope we can go to the elections in 2023. There must be political and numerical conditions for early elections. Currently, political and numerical conditions do not allow for early elections. There is no electoral populism through early elections in our political tradition. It is the government’s duty to keep our citizens in a better position under economic conditions.”

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