There are people from all levels of the state.

It was claimed that there was a list of people Sezgin Baran Korkmaz was in contact with, about which Future Party leader Davutoğlu warned the government, saying, “It will be used as Zarrap against Turkey in the US”. It is claimed that there are about 100 names on the list. It is also stated that the list includes ‘press, judiciary, military, lawyer, intelligence, police, business relations, persons staying at the Paramount hotel, visitors, payers and gifts sent’.

Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, owner of SBK Holding, who was arrested in Austria at the request of the US on money laundering charges and later extradited to the US despite his request in Turkey, is alleged to have an 8-page list of people working at many levels of the state, including those who gave bribes. Journalist Cengiz Erdinç claimed that there were almost a hundred names on the list.

Investigative journalist Cengiz Erdinç said an “eight-page list” by Sezgin Baran Korkmaz was circulating. Erdinç suggested that the list include titles such as ‘press, judiciary, military, lawyer, intelligence, police, business relations, personnel, people staying at the Paramount hotel, visitors, those who were paid and those who received gifts’.

Posting on his social media account Twitter, Erdinç said: “Some small notes also imply the real relationships behind WorldSBK, the business world or the mafia extensions.”


“There are discussions about journalists related to Sezgin Baran Korkmaz. Let me quote the source and dimensions of the event. You understand why no names are given, and I believe these dimensions should be known to the public. There is an eight-page list circulating in the form of an ‘information note’. The reason I say an information note is that there is no title, no institution, in fact it is not a document. However, when you look at the information it contains, it is understood that it was prepared with knowledge of a ‘state information’ or part of WorldSBK.

Comprising exactly eight pages, this fact sheet is divided into titles such as press, judiciary, military, lawyers, intelligence, police, business relations, personnel, people staying at Paramount, those who come to the mansion, those who are paid, and those who receive gifts. For example, there are 21 people under the title of those who are paid, some of them journalists, writers, some members of the court or the chief of police. There are 22 names under the press headline, some of them are empty, and most of them have statements like ‘they are very close to my cousin’ or ‘they are paid 7,000 cash monthly’.


Information in the list conflicts with other information. For example, I know that a lawyer who comes to the mansion, who is on the lists of those receiving regular money, is the lawyer for a person with a bloodied SBK knife, and his lawyer was indicted as a defendant because of that relationship. I would like to remind those who will say ‘E-publish’ that Selim Edes said in court in the Civan case: ‘Is it a bribery document, pimp?’ In fact, of course, but accessing both these documents and some relationships really goes beyond the possibilities of journalism.

Also, there are no Veyis Ateş on this list. There are no other names that I know of to embellish SBK. This is incomplete and raises suspicion. The entire list, especially the notes under the personnel heading, shows an investigation, this may be true, or it may have been intended to be aired. It’s unlikely, but it could also be an informal or private investigation conducted here for the US case.


In other words, the incident is far beyond journalists, there are almost a hundred names in total, journalists, lawyers, police chiefs, deputies, etc. A few small notes also hint at the real relationships behind WorldSBK extensions, business or mafia. As I said, I will post if I find someone who can verify this information. That’s all I can write for now, and I think the public should know that.”


Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SBK Holding, who traveled abroad and was detained in Austria at the request of the US after the start of an investigation into money in Turkey, was extradited to the US in recent weeks and appeared before a judge.


Future Party leader Ahmet Davutoğlu made statements about Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, who was investigated on ‘money laundering’ and ‘fraud’ charges and was extradited to the US on 15 July. Sharing a video on his Twitter social media account, Davutoğlu warned about Korkmaz and relayed what happened in the Reza Zarrap incident. In his speech, Davutoğlu asked everyone who has served as president, prime minister or minister in Turkey to declare their assets.

Davutoğlu said in his video message: “There is a man named Sezgin Baran Korkmaz. A money launderer, a fraudster. He is establishing a hotel in Turkey, hardly any government administrator does not pass. When an international investigation is opened, the minister from the Interior calls him and sends him abroad. America” ​​”Look what’s going to happen. When Reza Zarrap left, everyone knows, that’s why we split up. I said, ‘I’m not going to see any of your pictures, I’m not see none of your relationships with this man named Reza Zarrap.” You know what Mr. President said?“You want this philanthropist,” said Reza Zarrap.

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