Toulouse. Visionary, Five Guys, Normal…Here are the new big brands opening this summer

After Blagnac, Five Guys will open a restaurant in the heart of Toulouse. (© Thibaut Calatayud / News Toulouse)

The summer season is approaching, bringing with it its share new business in Toulouse. Restaurants, bars, ready-to-wear, interior decor… signs that land in the agglomeration.

Five Guys arrives in the center of Toulouse

on the side Center of Toulousewe can bring the arrival of fast food five guys arriving on 11 July 2022 at 24 rue Alsace-Lorraine, opposite Monoprix. It is the second American restaurant chain in the department after Blagnac.

Tuesday, June 14, first store Visionary was opened at 23 Rue Puy-Clos. A store designed by the people of Toulouse Bigflo and Oli as well as Malik sec will be installed on 138 m² and will consist of two separate spaces: the store area, where you can find all the products offered in the online store (hoodies, t-shirts, trousers, accessories, etc.), and exclusive boutiques, as well as a coffee shop zone to relax for a moment.

After a few weeks of operation, the Visionnaire boutique opened its doors on Rue Puy-Clos.
After a few weeks of operation, the Visionnaire boutique opened its doors on Rue Puy-Clos. (© Maxence Durlen/Actu Toulouse)

Opening Cartoucherie

Neighborhood in cartridge factory stay away from the opening Ammunition, an imposing restaurant on the main square, avenue de Grande-Bretagne. “This restaurant is dedicated to defending the French art of living while revisiting the great classics of our gastronomy,” explains Nicolas Le Petitcorp, who spearheaded the project along with his partner Christel Cao.

The friendly Munitionnettes team is ready to welcome you to the Cartoucherie area.
The friendly Munitionnettes team is ready to welcome you to the Cartoucherie area. (© Maxence Durlen/Actu Toulouse)

Still in the big place of the Cartoucherie Thai restaurant chain. pitaya opened a new place on Wednesday 15 June. This is the brand’s seventh restaurant in and around the Pink City. The previous one opened in the Balma Gramont shopping center in April last year.

Summer taverns

In Toulouse, “summer” rhymes with “gynet”. Picturesque, trendy, with breathtaking views… Our beautiful city has something for everyone, and many of the cities of Haute-Garonne are slowly starting to develop. To find out about them, feel free to refer to our dedicated article:

Saint-Georges boutiques welcome the bakery

In the hypercenter of the Pink City, shopping center Saint-Georges keeps a secret about future stores that will be located in his gallery. However, we know that “two or three stores will open very soon.”

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The new address, known and open this time, will be found in the boutiques of Saint-Georges. This is about Artisan bakery. As the name suggests, (organic) bread is made here. The workshop is even visible to customers.

Centracor and Normal in Porte-sur-Garonne

Ordinarythis is the latest discovery Porte-sur-Garonne shopping center. After two openings in the center of the Pink City (Saint-Rome and Alsace-Lorraine streets), the Danish retail chain is packing its bags in one of the major shopping centers in the agglomeration. Normal will open its doors in Portet 1uh next July. And, obviously, this is just the beginning, as the brand is working on an opening at the Espaces Fenouillet gallery.

For gourmets, two openings are scheduled for 3e quarter 2022: Bagel Hut and even) pitaya.

Also in the Portet shopping area, the Cargo group opened a new store centrocore May 17 at 2,605 m². It is located outside the Center at entrance 5 (replaces the PicWic toys).

Paradise for predators in Fenuye

A new restaurant has just opened in the Fenouillet mall, well known to carnivores. From June 15, Hippopotamus opened its fourth around the Pink City. The menu has the main cuts of 100% French beef: flank steak, entrecote, tenderloin, ribs…

The hippopotamus arrives at the Fenouillet mall.
The hippopotamus arrives at the Fenouillet mall. (© Behemoth)

Two upcoming openings in Blagnac

A well-known lingerie brand in the Blagnac shopping center under construction Intimissimi has been open since mid-May. Right next to this new store, shoppers will be able to find a store Calcedonia. The latter has moved from its original location.

On the part of the new arrivals, the center is preparing to receive clothing stores Tezenis as well as Jott. The first one will open at the end of June, while the second one is scheduled to open at the beginning of July.

Good to know owners of electric vehicles, about fifteen ” Superchargers » Tesla installed in the parking lot of the Blagnac shopping center.

Everything moves in Espace Gramont

At Espace Gramont, women’s ready-to-wear brand jennifer remains in the mall but moves from its current location to join the premises next to the Porte du Comminges. The inauguration is scheduled for August.

Conversely, store Adidas Originals going to leave the mall. The three-stripe brand is currently having a full sale.

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